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What does it mean to be affiliated to the AG10Moto Affiliate Program?

If you affiliate to this AG10Moto program you can earn commissions on sales referred by the users you generate to our web site. Our commissions are based on sales (10%).

Which is the affiliated profile?

The actual affiliated profile consists of an Internet professional or private individual that has one or more web sites. The aim of every affiliated is to generate, through different creative objects that advertisers give them, qualified traffic towards the advertiser´s web site with the purpose that users buy the advertiser´s products and then get the promised commission.

What can I sell?

Through the AG10Moto Affiliate Program you can sell any of our tailor-made products: apparels, jackets, pants, Caferacers, gloves…

How much can I earn?

AG10Moto offers a 10% commission on the sales that you generate from your affiliated site.

How can I unsubscribe?

Send us an email to with your complete name, web address, email and telephone to contact you.

Does the Affiliate Program require any permanence commitment?

No, our affiliate program doesn´t require any permanence commitment, you can subscribe or unsubscribe whenever you wish. Being part of the program is completely free, that is why you don´t need to unsubscribe if there is a season when you don´t sell any product. Simply you earn commissions after the sale is done, and if there are no sales you can stay in the program without additional charges.

Is free to join the Affiliate Program?

Yes, joining our Affiliate Program is completely free.

How would I receive my commissions?

As an affiliated you will receive, monthly, the generated commissions after selling our products by means of a bank transfer.

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