Motorcycle helmets

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When we talk about buying motorcycle helmets we must be clear that the main value we have to look at is safety . For the motorcyclist, the helmet is the most important element of his protective equipment. Investing in quality is taking care of yourself.

In the event of an accident or fall, the part of the rider’s body that always takes the worst part is the head. The main function of a helmet is to avoid direct blows to the ground, another vehicle or any road infrastructure or equipment, in order to avoid traumatic injuries.

Helmets reduce fatal brain injuries that can be caused by a motorcycle accident by 50% and prevent up to 42% of mortality. It is not just a supplement, but a life insurance. Whenever you go on a motorcycle wear a helmet and your companion also.

Any helmet does not work, there are different types of motorcycles and the equipment must adapt to the characteristics of yours. In the motorcycle helmet shopBefore choosing which is the ideal equipment for you, you must have clear three premises: homologation, safety and also aesthetics, the helmet defines your style and personality. There is one for you, do not hesitate.

Still don’t know which helmet is yours? We will talk about the different types of motorcycle helmets: full-face, flip-up and jet helmets so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Keep reading.

Flip up motorcycle helmets

Flip-up or modular motorcycle helmets are defined by their functionality and practicality. They are the most versatile variety on the market, being able to adapt to different types of riding and biker styles.

Modular helmets are one of the types of equipment that we see the most on the street every day. Their marked urban functionality makes them the protagonists on a motorcycle in the city every day.

They compete in the mid and high range with the integral ones, but unlike these, its front part opens in its entirety through a mobile chin guard. This means less security than a full shell, but it has its advantages with respect to communication and social interaction.

Considering its front opening characteristics, one of the priority aspects that you should look at is homologation. Ideally, it should have a double P / J approval to be used open or closed, indistinctly, running or stopped. However, we recommend that you always ride with the chin guard closed, for safety.

Modulars are a hybrid between the safety of an integral and the freedom of a jet. They are comfortable helmets and in terms of aesthetics you can find a wide variety of possibilities, so it will not be difficult to find the colors or decorative motifs you want.

The most representative brands in the motorcycle helmet sector manufacture modular models and many motorcyclists use them to give greater comfort to their riding.

We highlight brands such as the German Schuberth, or the Italian AGV and X-Lite as some of the most representative in the manufacture of flip-up helmets. All of them guarantee high quality in their designs and with high performance standards. Safety, comfort and innovation for the most demanding and experienced pilots.

Look at its characteristics and benefits, not only in cheap motorcycle helmet models , look for a good value for money and bet on your safety. At AG10Moto we have a wide range where you can choose yours.

Full face motorcycle helmets

Full-face motorcycle helmets are designed in one piece, the shell covers the entire rider’s head and offers intensive protection, as well as greater acoustic insulation. They have as the only moving part, in their structure, a viewing screen.

In terms of safety, full-face helmets are the most popular and those that adapt more precisely to the rider’s head. They are the most recommended helmets for all types of riding and the different motorcycle models.

Integral helmets are the most complete and safe helmets, only being closed around a single piece already provides the greatest possible protection.

These types of helmets have numerous varieties of range, from the highest to the lowest, you can find many options for you. The level of safety and protection are directly related to this, so we recommend that you opt for a helmet where the value for money is optimal.

There are many designs and styles of full-face helmets, the material with which they are made, the type of closures and the aesthetics of the shells define the styles of the rider and even the motorcycle. Thus, some full-face helmets have lines more aimed at tourist use, others at urban and others at sports.

The designs are quite aerodynamic and the materials used to manufacture the shells are usually polycarbonates, carbon fiber, fiberglass or Kevlar.. They are light and compact helmets, perhaps less comfortable than modular or jet but safer for open road and medium-high speeds.

Today, the comfort and convenience of full-face helmets is almost guaranteed, despite being closed. New technologies and advances in fabrics, materials and accessories provide many of the integral models with good insulation, excellent ventilation, agile and effective intercommunication, hygienic and hypoallergenic interiors, etc. In short, safety, comfort and design for your helmet are guaranteed if you choose an integral equipment.

In integral we highlight brands such as the Italian Nolan, an emblematic brand where they exist, and the French Scorpion and Shark. Of these three super houses we can All of them with models of helmets of great practicality and versatility. For pilots who like to experiment and enjoy different types of riding under the protection of the same helmet.

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Jet motorcycle helmets

Jet motorcycle helmets are open, do not have a chin guard and have a visor or protective screen. Some call them “calimero helmet” because of their open cut at half head.

The jets are ideal helmets for the city or for sunny days, they are cool and comfortable for the warm seasons. Their level of security is much lower than that provided by an integral or a folding, although in active safety they are the best.

The designs of the jet helmets are very attractive and aesthetic, they present a captivating retro air, ideal to accompany custom motorcycles, chopper, vespa or scooter. Its character is clearly urban.

These helmets have two different lines within their type, jet and semi jet models:

  • Jet helmets have a free chin and lower part of the face, they have correct lateral and neck protection, as well as a full face.
  • Half jet helmets are shorter on the side, so they are the least secure.

Currently, more and more, motorcycle helmet brands incorporate several jet-type models in their catalogs, so you can find the model that you like the most and that suits your needs and type of riding.

A jet helmet is urban by definition. They have many advantages in their use and functionality, since they are compact, light and very fresh pieces. They also have protective screens for the sun.

Within the Jet range of open helmets, we will highlight three brands with very attractive models, the French HCJ Helmets or the Japanese Shoei and Arai. The most urbanites will be pleasantly satisfied with the benefits that these helmets provide, quality, technology and freedom for a light and stylish ride.

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Do you already know what type of helmet you need and is it more suited to your style? Whether it is folding, integral or jet, look at the following aspects and then get yours!

  • It has approval to be able to circulate with the chin guard raised while you are going, in the case of flip-up helmets.
  • Presents micrometric metallic or double buckle closure.
  • It has an integrated sun visor and anti-fog screen
  • It has a comfortable and comfortable interior.
  • The ventilation system is easy to operate.
  • It allows the incorporation of an intercom.

Riding a motorcycle requires safety for the driver and the passenger and in this sense the helmet plays a priority role. Like the car belt, the helmet, in addition to being mandatory, is a basic article of protection, almost comparable to the airbag of a vehicle. The helmet saves lives, keep that in mind when purchasing yours.

The different types of helmets , their manufacturing materials, approvals, their closures, among other details that characterize them, are the aspects that define their safety and which you should look at before purchasing a new helmet. At AG10Moto we put at your disposal a wide catalog where you will find the ideal helmet for you. Choose yours!