Boots ALPINESTARS Supertech-R N / BL

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Boots ALPINESTARS Supertech-R N / BL
Boots ALPINESTARS Supertech-R N / BL


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Boots Alpinestars Supertech-R Black / White. Made of micro fibre high technology, the Supertech-R has been designed for the demanding world of competition. Each element has been carefully designed to offer innovations in protection, better ergonomics and maximum comfort. The new Supertech-R by incorporating the outsole and the espinillera external TPU redesigned and an innovative flex area on the front.

Technical features:
  • Made in microfibre of high technology that offers great levels of flexibility. The main layer in microfiber offers high levels of waterproofness, durability and weight savings.
  • The area flexible front has been redesigned and constructed with the TPU over-injected in breathable mesh for flexibility and abrasion resistance.
  • Espinillera external TPU ergonomically designed to provide an ergonomic fit and safe, providing maximum resistance to abrasion and impacts. The espinillera incorporates a new top closure with ratchet micro-adjustable for a secure fit and precise.
  • The panel of microfiber in the area lateral internal of the boot provides a flat surface and smooth for an excellent grip and feel, in addition to protect against the heat from the bike.
  • Gaiter upper made of synthetic leather and reinforced in PU which follows the contour of the leg.
  • Area of the achilles ' heel made in accordion extendable microfiber to offer maximum freedom of movement.
  • The side zip closure is mounted on an elastic foundation allows for an effective adjustment. Incorporates tape-velcro adjustable for a snug more comfortable and safe.
  • External input panel accordion TPU extensible for greater ease of entry and exit and a snug fit.
  • The upper guard to actuate the gear change offers an optimum feel and grip.
  • Outsole made of a rubber compound ultra-lightweight redesigned to provide an excellent grip and feel. It has been designed for the pilot to change position and pressure on the estribera.
  • Plate replaceable TPU in the rear area of the heel that protects against impact and reduces friction in the event of an accident.
  • Slide built-in replaceable TPU bi-injected. It has a new system of fixing with a screw that facilitates and accelerates the change.
  • Also incorporate a loot inside biomechanical that works together with the outside of the boot to form a protective structure allowing total freedom of movement.
  • Approval IN 13634/2010.