Boots FOX Instinct Image Atlanta

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Boots FOX Instinct Image Atlanta
Boots FOX Instinct Image Atlanta


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Boots Fox Instinct Image Atlanta. Boots Fox Instinct are the result of the development carried out by the test pilot, the fastest in the world, Ricky Carmichael, and by the best riders in Supercross and Motocross brand. The Fox Instinct have won races and championships long before having sold a single pair. From the first time offer great comfort and a great freedom of movement, allowing the pilot to concentrate on driving the bike.

Main features:

  • Made of the latest materials that provide protection, support, durability and freedom of movement controlled.

  • The template is very similar to that of some running shoes, offering optimal absorption.

  • The midsole is made of polyurethane for a high energy absorption and exceptional durability. In it we find a steel plate patented feature that provides support to the arch and is positioned to not interfere with the bending of the front area.

  • The area-anti-roll offers protection to the heel and support the arch, and thanks to the use of soft materials, offers absorption of shocks and stability.

  • The outsole is done in DuraTac: disperses the vibrations of the bike, offers great grip and high durability.

  • The locks are very simple to adjust and operate without any type of effort. Work perfectly use after use, and their design allows them to float and pivot, so they never create pressure points. The lower straps are of new design.

  • These boots include 2 locks replacement.