Boots GAERNE SG12 BL / B / R

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Boots GAERNE SG12 BL / B / R
Boots GAERNE SG12 BL / B / R


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Boots Gaerne SG12 White / Blue / Red. The best boots off-road Gaerne. Considered to be one of the boots more comfortable, durable and most technologically advanced ever tested by the magazine Motocross Action.

Top fabric:

The top is made of tissue Acronos, which is characterized by its high fiber resistance to abrasion and heat, rather than by its extreme elasticity. Its design has been especially made to prevent the entry of sand or any other material.

Toe cap:

Made in stainless steel, non-deformable and anti-oxidant. It has been redesigned and reinforced to offer greater resistance, and a look more aggressive.


Specific design to absorb impacts. Its convex form enables the rider to tuck easily the motion with the heel on the outputs.

Area of the foot:

This entire area is wrapped by a new plastic material, which is more lightweight and provides the rider more comfort and sensitivity to the shift lever. Is performed with thicknesses and densities variables to ensure total security in the most sensitive areas.

Area of the tibia/shin:

Front Panel protection in PU anatomically molded and adjustable to the needs of a pilot. By removing 3 screws you can make the opening wider for your comfort or to accommodate a knee brace.

Locking system:

It has 4 buckles made of lightweight alloy adjustable and interchangeable inserts with PU and 4 adjustable straps individually, to get a perfect fit. This system allows the pilot to open and close easily the boot.

Outer part inner:

The inner part of the boot is almost completely covered with two panels of rubber. It is a special rubber that offers exceptional grip and a strong resistance to abrasion. Your comprehensive coverage protects the boot from the heat of the exhaust gases and to cover the fixing screws to give it a more elegant design.

Dual Stage Pivot System:

New revolutionary system patented by Gaerne. The new protection element called the RazorBack is anchored in two points: the first is fixed at the point of rotation of the boot, and the second is located in a buttonhole mobile, which facilitates the movement of natural flex, with a limit in both directions to prevent the extension or compression of involuntary and cushion a potential impact. The RazorBack has been designed to be synergistic with other elements of the boot, and thanks to a particular appendix strongly limits the lateral movement which is one of the most frequent causes of injury. This synergy guarantees an absolute protection on the entire back of the boot.

Interior lining:

Gaerne Memory Cell Foam interior lining of soft foam coated with polyurethane located around the foot to offer maximum feeling of stability without sacrificing a great comfort.