Helmet AGV Pista GP W Rossi Soleluna Qatar 2015

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Helmet AGV Pista GP W Rossi Soleluna Qatar 2015
Helmet AGV Pista GP W Rossi Soleluna Qatar 2015


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Helmet Agv Pista Gp W Rossi SoleLuna Qatar 2015. Outer shell made almost entirely of Carbon fiber. It has 4 shell sizes. Ventilation system integrated into the helmet shell. Interior fully removable and washable. Flat-screen tv, antirayas and with anti-fog treatment. The screen features supports Tear-Off and offers 100% UV protection. The mechanism of the screen is of new design and allows you to disassemble the screen without tools. Closure with double ring. It is sold with clear display.

Outer shell: Made, almost entirely, of carbon, mixed with fiber of kevlar and glass. We produced four measures of shell for a better adaptability to each size. Forms side designed to reduce the risk of fractures of the clavicle in the event of an accident. The part of the neck has been designed to fit perfectly with the "hump" of the monkey.

Liner: polyurethane with 5 different densities for better protection.

Inside the helmet:a System that is completely revolutionary that allows you to adjust the helmet perfectly to the shape of the rider's head. The velcro strips can be adjusted in different directions, as well as to put or to remove foams of the nape of the neck. The foams of the area of the cheeks can be "widen" with a few foams that include, as accessory. The interior has been designed without seams and with 3 different densities for greater comfort. Is made of material Dry-lex for a total absorption of perspiration and breathability.

Tape absorption internal: it Is a tape of absorbent material that is perfectly located in the forehead to prevent the sweat in the eyes.

Crown back: Made in neoprene, allows you to adjust the total so that no air or water by the rear or by the chin.

New screen: Designed in plastic, non-breakable, with thickness of 3.3 mm, has a close "Micro-lock" front to avoid that you can open. Offers 15 more than front visibility, and a further 9% of total visibility. Incorporates supports Tear-Off mounts and Pin-lock.

New mechanism of the screen: New design by reducing to the maximum the mechanism (71% smaller than in the Gp-Tech) to gain protection in the side area. The pieces are metal for increased resistance. System "roto-translational" in the mechanism for a perfect adjustment of the screen with the helmet.

Vents: it Has 5 inputs front and 3 rear outputs with rubber end caps to be removable.