Helmet ARAI Chaser-V Pro Black Mat

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Helmet ARAI Chaser-V Pro Black Mat
Helmet ARAI Chaser-V Pro Black Mat


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Helmet Arai Chaser-V Pro Matte Black. A helmet outside! The model Chaser-V Pro improves on its predecessor in several respects: it incorporates visor outer solar system (PRO-Shade), more space in the area of the mouth and the nose, cubrebarbilla, a small cubrenariz, compartment on the padded side to the speakers of an intercom and an innovative inner material (Eco-Pure). This is, without a doubt, a helmet is a reference in its segment.


Outer shell SFL (Super Fibre Laminate: a laminate of Super Fiber). The Super Fiber provides more comfort than other materials, preserving the resistance and lightness.


The air vent rear Air Driver enables a greater extraction of air to offering a better performance. The ventilation of the chin guard (with three positions), the top ventilation, central (which can be opened and closed), the side air vents and the air outlet built into the neck increase the flow of fresh air into the interior of the helmet. The system is completed by the unique ventilation passages for the viewer, that guide fresh air to the front area.

Interior "Eco Pure"

Interior completely removable made of the exclusive material "Eco Pure". It is a material very soft and pleasant to the skin, which offers excellent properties for ventilation, anti-bacterial, anti-dirt and anti-perspirants.

More space, more comfort

This helmet has a padded central's finest. As a result, there is more space around the area of the nose and the mouth, further enhancing the comfort and fit own Arai.

System PRO Shade (PSS)

This system consists of screen clear Max Vision pinlock anti-fog integrated sun visor on the outside. This sun visor can be easily raised and lowered with the hand and has position locking. It is the innovative solution that proposes to Arai for the well-known problem of the glare from the sun. Arai has chosen sun visor outside instead of sun visor integrated in order not to harm the integrity and strength of the hull, because unlike a sun visor built-in, the viewer outside not require any reduction of the thickness of the inner shell or weaken the outer shell.

FCS (Facial Contour System)

The system of facial contour FCS provides a better fit and greater coverage in the area below the jaw and the cheekbone area. In addition, it offers an effect, "dock" that allows you to wear the helmet more easily.

System Peel Away

The cushioned cheeks have a layer of foam down to 5mm of thickness to obtain more space, if necessary, thus providing a setting even more precise and personalized.

Compartment for speaker

Integrated communications are very popular, but often the problem are the limitations or lack of space for a speaker, causing uncomfortable pressure points. The Quantum-ST Pro solves this problem by incorporating a practical and convenient pocket for the speaker.


The closure system is of the double buckle (double D).