Helmet ARAI CT-Ram N. Mat

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Helmet ARAI CT-Ram N. Mat
Helmet ARAI CT-Ram N. Mat


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Helmet Arai CT-Ram Matte Black. Are you looking for the Jet helmet more advanced? The CT-RAM offers all of the benefits of being able to sue for the more demanding user. More protection, greater comfort and better fit thanks to its lower side extended. All this without affecting one iota the sensation of freedom and the excellent vision that only a Jet helmet can offer. The CT-Ram also features the famous ventilation system diffuser, known for its excellent functionality, offering an unmatched comfort.

Technical features:

  • Outer shell made in Sclc (Super complex Laminate construction). 40% more resistant than a shell made in fiberglass. The middle layer is made of a special fiber very strong and light exclusive to Arai.

  • Venting system Arai Diffuser has air inlets and outlets improved and adjustable for greater circulation of air flow and reduction of turbulence. The air vents on the bottom of the sides reduce wind noise and avoid shake. The air intakes of the front (exclusive to Arai) guide the fresh air towards the temples and the forehead.

  • Air Wing® built-in: tested in moto GP and designed to reduce turbulence, reduce wind noise and improve stability at high speeds or in strong braking.

  • Side extended:the new shell has been extended 3 centimeters in the lateral area low to offer greater protection to side impacts.

  • FCS (Facial Contour): the cushioned FCS offer an effect “dock” that allows you to wear the helmet more easily. Thanks to the FCS, the cushioned cover best the area below the jaw and the cheekbone area instead of the area of the cheeks (like most helmets). Although the fit feels looser, the FCS offers a secure support in a wider area providing greater stability and comfort with minimal pressure.

  • “Peel Away": a layer of foam 5 mm thick removable padding for the ears/cheeks and temples for a more personalised fit.

  • Visor aerodynamics: provides effective protection against sunlight, while the large aperture between the helmet and the visor allows the air to pass below the visor and over the helmet; this avoids the annoying effect of "grabbing", in the usual visors conventional high speeds, and provides aerodynamic stability.

  • Interior fully removable and washable.

  • Closure double buckle.