Helmet ARAI RX-7V Doohan Jubilee

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Helmet ARAI RX-7V Doohan Jubilee
Helmet ARAI RX-7V Doohan Jubilee


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Helmet Arai RX-7V Doohan Jubilee. It is the evolution of the Arai RX-7 GP and the efforts of the engineers of Arai has focused on improving the implementation of the concept R75 Shape. The concept R75 Shape is to provide an outer shell (external structure) is more resistant, more rounded and softer. The correct application of this concept translates, in terms of safety, a higher capacity of dispersion of the energy in case of impact, and to do this, it has been moved the screen and the mechanism of the same approximately 24mm below with respect to the RX-7 GP, thus providing a greater surface free from elements that would compromise the concept R75.
Technical characteristics
Outer shell
Made in PB SNC2, it is a combination of Super Fiber and special synthetic fibers of great strength and flexibility, joined by experts from Arai. The use of a resin of new bill offers more resistance to the shell by decreasing the weight.
Ventilation system
The new horns of the upper zone (Type 12) now are more rigid and are 20mm longer. These work in conjunction with the Air Wing back to improve stability. Compared with the horns of the RX-7 GP, these are now 19% more efficient. The mechanism of ventilation now offers the possibility to regulate it in 3 positions; open, slightly opened and closed, and improves the sealing, thereby reducing the noise in the interior of the helmet.
The entrance of air located in the upper central offers a 11% more ventilation compared to the previous model and the new mechanism of opening and closing largest facilitates their operation.
The pipes internal ensure a cool environment inside of the hull and the side air vents and later allow the evacuation of hot air from the inside of the hull.
The incorporation of a new barbillera prevents the entry of turbulence in the interior of the helmet.
The cushioned interior is totally removable and washable. Made with the new fabric Eco Pure, offer an optimal feel and optimal antibacterial properties.
The new interior allows for a custom fit thanks to the system "Peel Away" and has a specific space to mount the speakers of an intercom.
It also introduces the system of emergency withdrawal of the padded side, which allows the extraction of the hull without damage to the pilot in case of accident.
The new Arai helmet RX-7V incorporates the new screen you're GOING with an entirely new mechanism that facilitates the mounting and removal of the screen. It has also incorporated a new locking mechanism for the screen that prevents this from opening accidentally.
Comes standard with a foil anti-fog Pinlock MaxVision for a mink clear under any weather condition.
The closure system of the RX-7V is the dual buckle.