Helmet FOX V3 Divizion 2016 Orange / Blue

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Helmet FOX V3 Divizion 2016 Orange / Blue
Helmet FOX V3 Divizion 2016 Orange / Blue


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Helmet Fox V3 Divizion 2016 Orange / Blue. It is manufactured in 3 shell sizes for a better fit to each size. The materials chosen for the manufacture of the shell have been a composite of multiple fibers on the exterior and EPS foam densities of 2 on the inside. Its interior, fully removable and washable, is made of Dri-Lex®, which extracts sweat and provides a pleasant feeling in contact with the skin. The ventilation system consists of 11 air intakes and 4-channel extractors.

MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System):

The V3 incorporates an important innovation: the system of protection of MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System). The impact tests of helmets conventional are made by letting them fall vertically on a rigid surface. This new system is based on the fact that most of the times there is an accident, the head does not impact vertically against the floor if not at a slightly different angle, creating a rotation in the brain and causing further damage. With the system MIPS, the helmet absorbs between 25 and 35% of this energy is rotational, providing the pilot with a protection radically better.

The brain is enveloped by a fluid cerebrospinal that serves as the "cushion" to avoid to the maximum the friction. The system MIPS gives the helmet its own "buffer" to minimize the friction, this layer is located between the EPS foam and the padded interior, which offers a greater absorption of the energy generated by an impact angle. The combination of the own natural protection from the brain with the system MIPS ensures maximum protection.