Helmet HJC RPHA 11 Ben Spies MC-1

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Helmet HJC RPHA 11 Ben Spies MC-1
Helmet HJC RPHA 11 Ben Spies MC-1


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Helmet HJC RPHA 11 Ben Spies MC-1. It is the evolution of the successful model RPHA10 Plus. The RPHA 11 features a new ventilation system, details on safety and aerodynamics improved and presents a wider field of vision. This is the helmet most sporty and advanced the brand.
Outer shell:
Outer shell made of an advanced composite of fibreglass, carbon fibre and Aramid. This compound allows the helmet offers high impact resistance with a weight very reduced. This technology has been dubbed by the brand as PIM+ (Premium Integrated Matrix Plus).
The ventilation system of the helmet has a few air intakes redesigned, both in the chin as in the upper part of the shell, in addition to two holes new located on the front of the helmet. The air intakes are now able to absorb a greater flow of air, while the ducts of the ventilation system, now wider and provide optimal ventilation in the interior. The mechanisms of opening and closing the ventilation system is entrusted to a mechanism of type on-off switch on the chin guard and on the front of the shell, while in the air inlets higher we find the same system of pulleys redesigned that already formed part of the range RPHA 10 Plus. The system of pulleys provides us with the possibility of regulating up to 7 different positions and has a rubber finish for a better contact and grip with the guente and in the wet. In the spóiler rear of the helmet there are two vent holes, in addition to racks to side and side of the rear area of the helmet that ensure the total removal of the moisture and warm air from the interior of the same.
The screen of the RPHA 11 offers a wider field of view. Treatment available anti-scratch and anti-fog. Incorporates a clear screen and dark in addition of media for Tear-Off and Pinlock.
The little screen inside Pinlock included, prevents fogging the screen.
Locking system redesigned: now only by pressing the cam on the close up, it will be unlocked and we will be able to lift without problems.
The mechanism of the screen RapidFire allows you to assemble and disassemble the screen quickly and without tools.
The interior of the helmet has been completely redesigned. The system Multicool presents three textile finishing different, each one with different features: the cheeks optimizes feel and comfort in motion, while that which surrounds the upper part of the head combines proper fit and optimal breathability. The padded top has as objective the correct evacuation of sweat and moisture inside, helped by the advanced system of ventilation inside. The finished exterior of the collar incorporates areas reflective and has a crown of rubber that prevents the entry of water into the interior of the case in case of rain. One of the major innovations of this helmet is the extraction system of emergency of the padded side, which enables you to remove easily and quickly the padded. All pads are removable and washable.
Other features:
- Closing system with double pin buckle or double D
- Cubrenariz and cubrebarbilla included.
- Weight: 1300 g in size M.