Helmet LEATT GPX 5.5 Composite N / BL / R

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Helmet LEATT GPX 5.5 Composite N / BL / R
Helmet LEATT GPX 5.5 Composite N / BL / R


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Helmet Leatt GPX 5.5 Composite Black / White / Red. The new helmet Leatt GPX 5.5 Composite is characterised by offering infinity of technical innovations that revolutionise the design of the helmets. It has been sought to reduce the volume and weight of the helmet as much as possible, applying new technologies, without neglecting the safety and protection of the pilot.

Technical features:

Outer Shell

The outer shell has been built in composite (multi-fiber compounds) and are manufactured in 3 shell sizes to offer a high level of comfort and to adapt perfectly to the physique of each rider.


The liner is made of EPS multi-density, injected in the own shell using the technology in-molded. This technology allows for greater efficiency and resistance to impacts of high and medium intensity.
The multi-layer EPS provides a structure V-Foam Plus, which helps the absorption of impacts more severe.

Between the EPS and the inner liner of the liner, it incorporates the Turbine system 360, which is responsible for absorbing the impacts of low intensity and forces rotational in a 30-50% longer than other helmets. The design of the turbine allows it to cushion the forces of rotation within the helmet, thus reducing the risk of brain injury.

Anatomical structure

In the design of the hull has been sought to minimize the volume and weight of the hull as much as possible, so that is also reduced, the forces on the neck and the swirls in the brain.


The padded interiors feature a treatment, anti-bacterial and is fully removable and washable. These toppers consist 2 layers, one of foam ergo fit and another tissue MoistureCool for a better evaporation of sweat.


Has air inlets in the upper area of the shell and in the chin guard, protected with perforated panels. It also has air extractors in the rear area to allow for maximum ventilation even at low speed and help to extract warm air from the interior of the helmet.

Other features:

  • It has a lower profile that is optimized for the use of the helmet with or without a cervical collar, Leatt.
  • Predisposition for incorporating the hands free hydration to be able to drink without releasing the hands from the handlebar.
  • System of screws which is used to hold the visor and allow it to be adjusted in height.
  • For emergency situations, the padded sides of the helmet are removable, to be able to perform an extraction of the hull without risk of injury.
  • Estimated weight:+/- 1.250 g in size L.