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Helmet Nolan N104 Evo Classic-Black. The N104 Evo is the evolution of N104 and is characterized by the new technical solutions and by providing a greater level of comfort.

The ventilation system of N104 Evo has been entirely renovated, and, thanks also to the Technology AirBooster, provides an optimal indoor temperature in any condition of use.

The padded interior fully removable and washable - have been made in a new color and changed the shape of the side pads for increased comfort.

The N104 Evo is equipped with a large screen (ultrawide visor) that allows the driver to enjoy a wide field of vision. To ensure perfect vision in any situation, it incorporates of series a little screen inside anti-fog and a sun visor VPS. Also highlighted are the incorporation of the new system of retention Microlock2 and the predisposition to install the communication system N-Com®.


Outer shell made of Lexan® by G. E. has used the technology SABIC that offers greater benefits than other plastic resins in terms of high impact resistance. Has been made in two sizes of outer shell, therefore, offers a very high comfort. Weight and volume are always proportionate to the size of the pilot.

The system of rotation of the chin guard is equipped with an innovative opening system with rotation elliptic system (patented) in order to reduce the frontal area of the chin guard when using the helmet open (candle effect) for a maximum driving comfort. The N104 Evo is fitted with the opening system Dual Action positioned in the center of the chin guard that allows the opening using a single hand. This system has been designed to ensure maximum practicality, The mechanism of double action prevents accidental opening of the chin guard ensuring maximum safety.

The screen of the N104 Evo is to ensure a high driving comfort thanks to its large surface, increasing visibility also laterally as well as active safety. The disassembly of the display is quick and easy and you don't need tools. The helmet is also endowed of a system anti-fog Pinlock® profile with silicone FSB. The shape is studied to optimize the field of vision and reduce to the maximum the interference in the top of the screen. The Viewer protection solar interior is easily operable from the outside and removable for cleaning or replacement. The unique opening mechanism (patent pending) allows the closing instant in the phase of non-use, improving safety, for example when entering a tunnel. Provides treatment antirrayas S/R (Scratch Resistant) anti-fog F/R (Fog Resistant).

The top ventilation consists of a system-exclusive Airbooster, air distribution that allows to reach the most critical areas of the pilot's head and avoid the dispersions of air. The system is completed with the addition of an air intake in the chin guard and two exhaust fans in the rear to renew the air. The interior is comprised of a helmet shell with a padded, some pads, a collar, and a deflector chin. Parts, detachable and washable are made with fabrics for maximum breathability, cool and soft to the touch. To ensure maximum comfort and durability, to the fabrics has included an anti-bacteria. The shape of the collar facilitates insertion of the glasses. The collar (roll-neck) is equipped with a motif reflective which increases the active safety and is removable for comfort in summer.

The N104 Evo is fitted with the new system of regulation / micrometric closure Microlock2 (patent pending).

Both the new Microlock2 as the previous Microlock stand out with respect to similar systems by the security mechanism of double lever, unique in its genre: a first lever, ergonomic, plastic, drives a second metallic piece that finally releases the toothed belt. It is necessary to have a greater extension of the lever to open the helmet, and this translates into increased security as small actions involuntary or accidental not disarm the system. With the Microlock2 in addition there has been a reduction in the dimensions and weight of the system and an increase of the regulation until you get to 10 clicks.

The helmet is predisposed for the installation of intercom systems N-Com Nolan.

The helmet has been homologated with the system installed and the set complies with regulation ECE/ONU 22-05. The new N104 Evo is homologated P / J in accordance with regulation ECE/ONU 22-05. The homologation P / J-allows you to drive both with the helmet open or closed, always in absolute respect for the rules.