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Helmet SCHUBERTH C3 Basic BL
Helmet SCHUBERTH C3 Basic BL


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Helmet Schuberth C3 Basic White. Synthesis between sportiness and comfort. This is a helmet that is adjustable, small and compact, advanced aerodynamic design, ideal for driving, touring and sport driving relaxed. Stands out for being highly silent and extremely lightweight.
Outer shell construction: Combines a design, perfectly aerodynamic with excellent protection. Is made of carbon fiber and S. T. R. O. N. G. (a matrix duroplástica special glass-fibre reinforced).
Inner shell EPS: Made of EPS foam special (exclusive to Schuberth). It has a sophisticated modular structure that offers an optimal absorption of the impacts.
Ventilation: Incorporates an efficient ventilation system that allows it to provide up to seven litres of fresh air per second when traveling at 100 km/h. Consists of air inlets front (the chin, the viewfinder and the top) and of a system of padded, adjustable, to be able to easily adapt the ventilation inside the helmet.
Interior: The innovative interior of the C3 Basic is spectacular, thanks to its system of ventilation and extraction-optimized, and excellent fit. The cushioned interior is made of Coolmax fabric®, are hypoallergenic and antibacterial, and can be disassembled and washed. The system of padded variable and adjustable always guarantees a good ventilation, because it can adapt to the needs of each moment (winter/summer).
Display: Screen clear with predisposition for pinlock (not included).
Mechanism screen: The system EasyChange allows you to change the screen quickly and easily.
Sun Visor: it Has a sun visor integrated into the helmet shell, which you can scroll up and down to adapt the vision to the light conditions changing.
Chin guard: The C3 Basic account with a robust chin guard. It has an anchoring system extremely strong, which binds the chin guard to the helmet shell, to consolidate a compact assembly, capable of withstanding large stresses.
Acoustics: This helmet is extremely quiet thanks to the collar and sound to the pad anti-noise built-in. The level of noise is lower than 84 dB(a) At 100 km/h (motorcycles with fairing).
Visibility: Has reflective elements to be more visible in night driving or in low light.
System Anti-Roll-Off (A. R. O. S.): specially Developed by Schuberth, this system is included as a safety measure in all the helmets of the brand. This device acts so that, when the chinstrap is closed and correctly adjusted: 1) The helmet can't drop behind the head, 2) small angle of tilt minimizes the risk of contact between the chin guard of the helmet and the chin or neck of the rider and (3) reduce the consequences of accidents that may occur as a result of the contact of the hull with the ribcage.
SRC-System: Predisposition for installing the communication system SRC-System (not included).
Closure system: MicroLock.
Approximate weight: 1570 g. depending on the size of the helmet.