Helmet SCHUBERTH S2 Sport Elite Network

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Helmet SCHUBERTH S2 Sport Elite Network
Helmet SCHUBERTH S2 Sport Elite Network


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Helmet Schuberth S2 Sport Elite Red. The helmet more versatile Schuberth. With sun visor built-in, is able to adapt to the demands of all kinds of pilots (sport and touring). Features an innovative ventilation system, with an impressive output of air in the rear, which ensures that the pilot's head is always at a pleasant temperature. In terms of aerodynamics and aero-acoustics, with features advanced techniques of high level. With regard to the comfort, highlighting the optimized design of the collar of the neck (that allows the helmet to place more easily, and the padded additional in the ears.
Outer shell: Made from fiber S. T. R. O. N. G, it combines an excellent aerodynamic design with an excellent protection. It has been manufactured with the process of compression molded typical Schuberth, which provides a great stability and lightness, in addition to exceptional strength. It has 2 sizes for a better fit to each size.
Liner: Made of EPS foam, special, has a complex design of padded, modular guarantees optimum shock absorption and highest level of security.
Interior: Completely removable and washable, is made of combination of fabrics Coolmax® and Thermocool® lining Interpower®, materials that provide the inner lining of a very effective system of cooling and evacuation of the moisture. It is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, and can be adjusted to achieve an effective ventilation as well as to adapt to winter or summer. Has been designed according to the innovative concept ComfortFit, that ensures an optimal fit under any circumstances.
Screen: sold with clear screen antirayas.
Mechanism screen: The system EasyChange allows you to change easily and quickly the screen without the use of tools.
Pinlock: The pinlock (included) ensures the absence of fog thanks to its dual-layer.
Sun Visor: it Has a sun visor integrated easily operable from the outside.
Aerodynamics: The S2 Sport offers an aerodynamic, high performance, thanks to the special design of the outer shell and the finish on the bottom edge, which guarantees a significant improvement in the contact pressure. The S2 Sport just presents a trend of ascension, even at high speeds. The helmet is also characterized by its directional stability. On bikes with fairing, in addition, reduces significantly the effect "buffeting".
Aero-acoustics: The complete package acoustic (shell optimized, cubrebarbilla and ergonomic design of collar for the neck) guarantees that the S2 Sport is one of the helmets that are quieter, with a noise level of 85 dBA at 100 km/h (on bikes with no fairing).
Ventilation system: The S2 Sport is equipped with an innovative ventilation system. The combination of channels with multiple paths integrated into the helmet shell with EPS foam and the ventilation system in the upper area of the head, the mouth and the chin to ensure an effective distribution of fresh air throughout the head. The fresh air that enters through the ventilation holes located on the front cycles through the channels of ventilation of the liner to the back of the helmet, where there was an expulsion of the air through the extractors and the fabric of special mesh built into the collar of the neck.
Reflective details: Inserts reflective in the cushioned area of the back of the neck to be more visible in night driving or in low light.
System strips A. R. O. S (Anti Roll-Off System): prevents the helmet can break loose behind the head in case of fall.
Compatible with the SRC-System?: The helmet comes ready for the installation of the communication system SRC-System S2 Sport. It has 2 built-in antennas are optimized for Bluetooth and radio reception.
Closure: closure System double D racing.
Approximate weight: 1450g +/- 50g in size M.