Helmet SHOEI Hornet ADV Seeker TC-8

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Helmet SHOEI Hornet ADV Seeker TC-8
Helmet SHOEI Hornet ADV Seeker TC-8


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Helmet Shoei Hornet ADV Seeker TC-8. Shoei presents a full face helmet Premium is completely new to motorcycle touring-trail and offroad. The Hornet ADV is a step forward, keeping the standards of safety, texture and sleek own Shoei.

With the aim of improving the performance and utility of the Premium brand, Shoei has analyzed in depth the uses of this type of models, revise them completely. It maintains its high performance in any climate, any terrain and any circumstances, while improving fundamental aspects for long distance travel, as their aerodynamics and ventilation.


  • Outer shell construction technology with AIM+. Offers a high rigidity with a reduced weight. It is composed by several layers of tough glass fiber, organic fibers and high performance fibers, for this reason it is rigid and elastic at the same time.
  • Inner shell in EPS with different densities for optimum shock absorption.
  • Screen clear CNS-2 with anti-fog Pinlock®. The curvature of the screen provides a clear view with minimal distortion. It can be disassembled and assembled easily with a single gesture. With the screen fully open, you can integrate the use of glasses for driving offroad without the need to remove the visor.
  • EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System): System of Quick-release Emergency. Facilitates the removal of the helmet in case of accident.
  • Locking system with ring double D.

Maximum comfort

  • 4 different outer shell construction sizes for a perfect fit to each size.
  • Cushioned interior 3D fully removable and washable. The 3D provides a more comfortable fit and a firm hold on during the driving without increasing the thickness or the pressure.
  • Cushioned removable, so the ears to adjust the space around the ear and reduce the noise.
  • Barbillera included.
  • Strap removable and washable.

System of ventilation of high-performance

  • Innovative air inlet top in the center of the visor. Leads the wind effectively towards the inside of the hull. It has a shutter that allows you to stop the entry of the wind when necessary.
  • Air inlet at the bottom front. The fresh air access effectively in the interior of the helmet and improves the cooling performance. Can be opened and closed.
  • Outputs of subsequent air: 4 on top and 3 on the neck. Expelled effectively by the hot air of the interior of the helmet.
  • New design of the area of the nose: their original design eliminates the protection of the nose, away from the helmets On-Off conventional. Its shape has evolved to improve the air intake and the performance of the ventilation. In addition, the space around the mouth is protected as well as in helmets for motocross adapt to the heavy breathing own the off-road driving.


  • The new visor V-460 has been designed to provide superior aerodynamics. The aerodynamic performance has been verified by tests in the wind tunnel and is suitable for long trips at high speed. The visor has a screw of quick-release for easy attachment and removal without the need for tools.