Helmet X-LITE X-803 Ultra Carbon Pure Carbon

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Helmet X-LITE X-803 Ultra Carbon Pure Carbon
Helmet X-LITE X-803 Ultra Carbon Pure Carbon


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Helmet X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon Pure Carbon. X-Lite evolves his helmet more sporty (the X-802RR) and gives the new X-803 the latest technological advances. The version Ultra Carbon is made of a high content of carbon fiber. Has clear screen "Ultrawide", ventilation system advanced “RAF” (Racing Air Flow), cushioned interior Carbon Fitting Racing Experience” and a new rear spoiler, adjustable. This is the helmet top of the range fruit of the experience of NolanGroup at the highest levels of competition (MotoGP and SBK).
Technical features:
- Shell made of a composite carbon fiber extremely lightweight.
- 3 shell sizes for a better fit to each size.
- Clear screen "Ultrawide", which offers a wide field of side vision. Has a mechanism of double action: allows you to lock it to prevent accidental opening and has a position ajar to circulate at low speed. Can be dismantled quickly without tools and treatment available antirayas.
- Includes Pinlock to prevent fogging the screen. In addition, the display incorporates a system on the outside that allows you to adjust the Pinlock without the need to remove it.
- Ventilation system advanced RAF (Racing Air Flow), with inputs of air adjustable in the front, upper area and in the chin guard. You have a few fans to the side and an extractor rear located in the spoiler for an optimal circulation of the air flow.
- The new spoiler, adjustable back has been tested in the wind tunnel, offers a high-efficiency aerodynamics and stabilizes your helmet at high speeds.
- Chin guard enhanced compared to its predecessor (the X-802RR): has increased slightly the area of the chin to provide more slack and, therefore, maximum comfort static and dynamic, but retain a compact design.
- Padded interior Carbon Fitting Racing Experience” made of filaments of carbon active. The active carbon is characterized by being breathable, thermo-regulating, anti-static, non-allergenic and 100% natural. The padded additionally with fabric inserts network to facilitate the spread of the air at the top of the head. They are totally detachable and washable.
- System of emergency withdrawal of the padded sides in case of an accident NERS (Nolan Emergency Release System).
- It has cubrebarbilla and cubrenariz series.
- Closure with double buckle.
- Weight: 1310 g. for size M.