SHOEI helmet GT-Air White

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SHOEI helmet GT-Air White
SHOEI helmet GT-Air White


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Shoei helmet GT-Air. This is the new helmet Sport-Touring Shoei which is positioned in a new segment within the extensive range of the brand. It is a helmet very versatile, as it combines a ventilation system is very advanced, the inner screen dark and the new micrometric closure stainless steel used for the first time in the model Neotec.
Technical features:
- The outer shell (external structure) is made of 5 layers AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix + Shell is a composite of several fibers that provide a great resistance in case of impact, while maintaining a weight very reduced.
- The inner shell (inner structure) is made out of EPS of different densities that provide a high degree absorption impact.
- The ventilation system consists of air inlets in the front area and an exhaust fan in the rear area. The latter is responsible for extracting the warm air from the interior of the helmet. The ventilation system has been studied so that the flow of air to produce minimum turbulence, and this way, improve the soundproofing.
- The aerodynamics has been studied in the wind tunnel and the integrated spoiler gives this helmet a great efficiency.
- The cushioned interior is completely removable and washable, and offer a very soft touch. They are made of a material highly breathable and quick-drying. In terms of safety, incorporates the system EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System), which facilitates the extraction of the hull from the outside in case of an accident, since it allows to extract the cushioned side.
- The interior has the space needed to install the communication systems more common.
- The new GT-Air features 2 screens. A clear on the outside and a little screen with a black interior. In this way we have a helmet ready for use during the day and the night. The screen outside CNS-1 is mounted on the new mechanism and offers a wide field of vision. The Pinlock of series ensures a vision always clear, under any climactic condition. The little screen interior sun visor QSV-1 with protection against UV rays is installed in an additional space so as not to affect the safety of the helmet. The little screen inside it is operable from the exterior of the helmet through a small cam.
- Incorporates a retention system micrometric stainless steel that allows for a fast adjustment and precise.
- Covers nose, barbillera and carrying case as standard.