Flip up motorcycle helmets

The modular motorcycle helmets are equipment adapted to the urban style without giving up on accompanying the most road rides. Comfort, practicality and safety in a two in one. At AG10Motowe inform you about the performance and characteristics of these helmets so that you can choose yours. 

When we decide to buy a flip-up helmet we must first look at the equipment’s safety equipment. The main functionality of a motorcycle helmet is the protection of the rider against a possible accident. 

Safety is the most direct and important acquisition variable when choosing the model and make of the pilot equipment. Typically, flip-up helmetsThey have technical characteristics that provide them with great comfort, but they have a lower safety standard than those presented by full-face helmets. 

The helmet is the most valuable item when we look at the safety of a motorcyclist’s protective equipment. Therefore, if you choose to purchase a modular, evaluate the technical characteristics and look for a model with an optimal quality-price ratio. 

Any helmet is not yours, you need to find a team adapted to you. Look at the type of homologation, the technical variables that give you security, the technological advances that give it greater comfort and as a basis for your personality, look at the design and aesthetics. Mark your style.

We recommend that you invest a little of your time in knowing the main characteristics of the models that are most attractive to you and prioritize according to their safety, comfort and price. This article will help you choose the best helmet for you. 

In the AG10Moto flip-up helmet shop we always offer you advice. A helmet is design and your tastes should be reflected in it, but each type of riding has certain benefits. Adapt the equipment to your needs and value the information we offer you.

Features of flip-up helmets

Flip-up motorcycle helmets stand out for their comfort, they are functional and practical equipment. If we talk about versatility, these helmets are the protagonists. 

Modular helmets can be considered as hybrid helmets, in between a full face helmet and a jet, with the advantages of both subtly reflected in their functionality. Next to the safety of a full-face helmet and bordering on the freedom that the use of a jet brings. 

When we decide to buy a modular helmet , what characteristics should we look at?

  • Mobile chinrest.

The type of chin guard defines a helmet. The folding chin guard is the main differentiating factor of this type of helmet. This aspect makes it possible to ride with your face uncovered, as long as the helmet has the relevant homologation, double homologation P / J. 

Filming with your face uncovered, with the chin guard raised, is a halo of freedom on summer days and is practical on urban routes. 

The main function of a flip-up helmet is to facilitate communication, being a great advantage when we stop at a gas station or at meeting points with colleagues. For this, the approval is not necessary, since only certification is required for its use in progress.

Driving with the chin guard open is not recommended on the open road and at high speeds. What is important is safety, and these types of helmets are safer when they are closed. Mobile chin rests provide less security than full shells. So, this type of helmet has its pros and cons, both directly related to the modular shell.

  • Materials and safety closure.

The characteristics that really determine the quality of a folding motorcycle helmet are the type of material of the outer shell, the material of the EPS or inner shell and the type of closure. 

The helmet must provide us with a high level of protection, so the materials and finishes of its shell and its interior are essential to guarantee the safety of the pilot. 

In the same way, the type of closure or hooking of the chin guard is very important. Most pilots opt for the mechanical seal on both sides of the shell, a metal system with safety locks. Also look at the chin guard opening system, the most practical is the single button at the chin level.

The material and finishes of the inner shell, in addition to defining the comfort and convenience of the helmet, also influence its weight, insulation, communication, and even ventilation. 

The type of closure of the helmet strap also defines its use and provides different degrees of security to it. One of the most comfortable closures is the micrometric one, ideal for the city. But the safest in case of a fall is the strap with double buckle, which prevents the helmet from loosening in the event of a fall, it is ideal for riding at medium and high speeds and on the road.

  • Comfort and versatility.

If we had to highlight one aspect that defines almost all flip-up helmets, this would be comfort. The techniques and technologies applied in its design and manufacture offer pilots great comfort and practical and innovative accessories that facilitate circulation. 

If you drive around town regularly, the modular helmet is the best alternative for you. Functional, practical and comfortable, as well as safe. They are not light or sports helmets, but they are the best alternative if you need facilities for interaction in short distances. 

At AG10Moto we have a very wide and varied range catalog, where you can choose the flip-up helmet that best suits your needs. Check out our recommendations.

Flip up helmet brands

What are the most representative brands in the modular helmet sector Here are a few alternatives. 

Look at the particularities of each house, the features they consider to be a priority for their helmets, the accessories and technological advances that give a differentiating value to the equipment.

  • Schuberth brand, versatile and high performance helmets.

The Schuberth brand is German and since the 50s of the 20th century they have been manufacturing motorcycle helmets with excellent performance and great versatility. 

Schuberth manufactures its models by hand and takes maximum care of aesthetics. Safety, professionalism and quality characterize the helmets of this brand. 

We highlight models of flip-up helmets from this house such as the Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon, the C3 Basic Matt, the C4 Pro Fluo Yelow, the E1 Rival Gray, the C4 Pro Glossym and the E1 Gravity Yellow.

  • AGV brand, lines of undoubted sporty character.

The Agv brand is Italian, it was founded in 1947 and is considered a top in the world of motorcycling. It presents a very sporty line and due to safety criteria it does not have P / J approval. 

At Agv, the most cutting-edge technology is expertly applied to any type of helmet, whether it is integral, flip-up or jet. The wide variety of models used by the brand stands out for its quality accessories and innovative designs. 

We highlight models of flip-up helmets from this house such as the AGV Sportmodular, the Compact ST Vermont and the Compact ST Boston.

  • Brand X-Lite, pioneers in flip-up helmets with the Nolan group.

The X-Lite brand started manufacturing motorcycle helmets in 1972 in Italy. It belongs to the Nolan group and specializes in the production of composite fiber helmets. 

They stand out for work criteria based on safety and quality. Their innovations in communication, working with N-Com and other technologies differentiate them. 

We highlight models of flip-up helmets from this house such as the X-Lite X-1004 Ultra Carbon and the X-Lite X-1004 Elegance.

  • LS2 brand, innovation and experience with one of the main helmet brands.

The LS2 brand was founded in China by Arthur Liao more than 25 years ago. For many years he worked under the MHR label and gained great prestige throughout the world. 

LS2 is one of the main brands in the market and since the beginning of the 21st century it has had a main headquarters in Spain. The brand is defined by a technologically very advanced productivity and a range of helmets that is very versatile in quality and price. 

If we want to highlight any of the models from this house, we can do so with the LS2 FF399 Valiant, an intermediate of the house.

  • Airoh brand, style or ff road par excellence.

The Airoh brand began the manufacture of motorcycle helmets in 1986 in Italy, although it stands out for its range specialized in off road for motocross, enduro and quad . 

We highlight models of flip-up helmets from this house such as the Airoh Phantom S Spirit, the Rev Color Anthracite and the Phatom S Lead. 

As you have seen, the main brands of motorcycle equipment have models of flip-up helmets in their catalogs, from the most exclusive and expensive houses to the most accessible and economical. Your safety largely depends on the type of helmet and the model you choose. 

At AG10Moto, quality is not at odds with price, we have an outlet section withCheap flip-up helmets and other more prominent ones, so you can choose yours by following the recommendations that we have provided.