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Botas sin bocetos

If you the sketch to be made by us, you can make your reservation without confirming the sketch and when we receive your order, we will contact you to start the process of design and measures.

Configurador de botas

If you want to design and configure yourself down to the last detail of your future boots, you can use our online glove configurator and confirm your order directly.

Included in the price:

  • Custom design with the colors and logos you want.
  • Looking for a REPLICA of a famous pilot or a simple design without logos? We do it for you!
  • Our DESIGNERS can help you in the sketching or you can do it yourself with our ONLINE BOOT CONFIGURATOR.
  • Shipping inclusive!


Choose one of the designs, customize it and
Configure it yourself down to the last detail!

Questions and answers

The price includes the manufacture and design of boots fully customized with your colors and logos. The design can be for men or women and the price is CLOSED. No surprises!

You can formalize your order in 2 ways:

On the one hand, you can confirm your order by designing the boots yourself with our ONLINE BOOT DESIGNER and place your order directly.

If you want our designers to make the sketches, you will have to make the payment of a RESERVATION WITHOUT SKETCH and we will contact you within 24/48 hours to tell us your ideas regarding the design and be able to prepare a fully customized proposal.

Regarding the SIZE, once we have the sketch confirmed, we will send our table of measures to choose the size that best suits you.

Our boots are made with 100% PU microfiber, TPU molds in shin and heel, anti-slip sole, extra TPU protection in the ankles, reinforcements in the sole and heel, Hippora waterproof membrane, metal sliders and quick opening / closing zipper.

Our boots are manufactured with the same qualities that we offer to pilots who are competing professionally in most national and international championships.


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