List of Prices

All the prices exposed in our products list in the AG10Moto STORE include IVA (Mainland Spain’s VAT). In relation to this tax, the IVA (Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido, Value Added Tax) will be applied, as a general rule, as a 21% tax rate for the European Union area where this tax is applied. In sales to any other country of the world, the VAT will not be applied, even though the Customs Systems of each country will apply the corresponding tax charges. Due to their special tax system the geographical areas of Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla are considered extra-community territories. Therefore, the purchases made by these residents are VAT exempted (Customs Office expenses and import taxes are not included neither in the product price nor in the shipping, and will have to be paid by the merchandise recipient at destination upon reception). Prices displayed on AG10Moto.com could be revised and modified at any moment if conditions require it.

Price list for custom-made products in (2015/16):

  • EU
    • Custom-made Motorcycle Riding Apparels: 860 € VAT included.
    • Custom-made Motorcycle Riding Jackets: 430 € VAT included.
    • Custom-made Motorcycle Riding Gloves: 190 € VAT included.
    • Caferacer Jackets: 450 € VAT included.

Payment Systems Used

AG10Moto offers you different payment methods so that you can choose the one that suits you best, you will have to choose it during the purchase process, once you have checked your products in the cart and selected the shipping method.

  • Credit Card Payment
    • By choosing this method, the purchase process will be linked to the page of our banking entity (Servired); this way, the data are not retained by AG10Moto.com but are sent directly by means of a secure protocol (HTTPS) to the bank that operates with AG10Moto.com. This way, we offer you the best safety and reliability. Your credit card will be charged at the moment you confirm the payment. Should there be any stock issue associated to your order, or any kind of incident in the shipping process, we will refund the corresponding value on your credit card no later than 15 days from the date of service. For security purposes AG10Moto.com reserves the right to reject any transaction carried out by credit card. In this case, we will refund the payment to the original card. If after our explanations the client is interested in going on with the purchase of the required articles, we will ask for a bank transfer. After payment, we will notify you of its result, and if you are satisfied we will send you an e-mail with the details and order confirmation
  • Payment via Transfer
    • If during the process you choose this payment system, your order will remain pending until reception confirmation by the banking entity. The delivery period will start counting from this moment onwards. At the end of the purchase process you will receive an email with the details and the order confirmation, together with the following bank data for you to do the bank transfer. It is very important that in the ‘CONCEPT’ field you indicate your name, surname and order number.

Shipping Costs

AG10Moto wants to reward its best buyers by facilitating the reception of their order as much as possible, so for national shipping (except Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla), we assume the shipping costs for orders above 60 € (or the equivalent amount depending on the currency), for one or more articles. You need to take into account that it can be more economical to order another article and exceed 60 €, than to order below that amount.

  • National shipping
    • Orders between 0 € and 60 € – 6 €
    • From 60 € onwards – FREE
  • Exception: Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla
  • Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla shipping costs:
    • Orders between 0 € and 300 € -> 12 €
    • Orders from 300 € onwards -> 18 €

Delivery periods for orders

  • AG10Moto Store
    • Depending on the time of the day in which you make the order, the standard shipping is usually delivered three days after the purchase via Internet; although these order delivery periods are illustrative, and in any case, a delay regarding the stated delivery periods will not give the client the right to ask for any kind of compensation. Delivery periods, depending on availability, can vary from 3 to 14 days. We recommend getting in contact with us previously to confirm the delivery time. The delivery time is calculated on the basis of working days (from Monday to Friday) as AG10Moto.com does not deliver on weekends or holidays. In any case, should a stockout or temporary unavailability happen, we would proceed to notify you immediately and we would give you a new delivery time, or in case it wouldn´t be possible to deliver you such product, cancel it.
  • Tailor-Made AG10Moto Products
    • All custom-made product of the AG10Moto collections are is exclusively customized to satisfy our client´s requests, custom-made manufactured to assure the design detailed precision. The process of manufacturing has many stages of quality control, which enables us to deliver a product in excellent conditions. Our quality control team inspects each piece throughout the entire manufacturing process up to the moment when the product is finally delivered. For this reason, the delivery date can vary from 4 to 8 weeks since we receive the payment. The average delivery time during 2015 has been 4 weeks from the date of receiving of order confirmation. We work with highly recommended logistics companies to guarantee a delivery under suitable conditions and on time without additional charges.

Articles Guarantee

AG10Moto.com clients benefit from the given guarantee by the different manufacturers of each article. Deficiencies and failures due to the incorrect use or manipulation of materials or wearing away produced by a normal use of it, are not included in this guarantee.

TOTAL fit guarantee

Every custom-made product are manufactured with a PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE which enables clients to try their equipment on and ask for a size fitting in case it is necessary.

The FIT GUARANTEE doesn’t have additional charges for the client.


  • SIZE adjustments of any type, including widening, narrowing, shortening, lenghtening…

The FIT GUARANTEE doesn’t cover:

  • Design Modifications
  • Logotypes Changes
  • Inscription Modifications
  • Color Modifications

It is convenient to remember that in regards to the fitting, it is necessary to give the equipment some time of use for it to adapt to your body. All our leathers come directly from the tannery and therefore they need use to widen and adapt to the shape of your body.



All AG10Moto products are cut based on the measurements provided by the client, leaving room for necessary fitting corrections. For patron cuts we use very precise laser cutters, so measurement mistakes tend to be done by clients and rarely by the machinery which doesn’t allow margin errors


Color variations in tone may exist from the outline color to reality as they use approximate colors of reference.


The patterns used in the outlines are for reference as the design must be adapted to the client´s measurements. We reserve the right to modify the outlines in order to obtain a perfect fit for the client.

Guarantee Use

When clients want to use the PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE, they must send an e-mail to info@ag10moto.com indicating:

  • Complete name
  • Purchase date
  • Photos wearing the equipment, front, side-face and back
  • Numbered list of the adjustments you want to be done

If you want to use the PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE, the maximum time limit from the day of purchase is 15 working days.

The fittings that are listed will be those considered to be done as adjustments. We will not admit new adjustments once the FIT GUARANTEE process has started.

Returning Products

In AG10Moto, we make the effort to offer the best quality and service guarantees, so we offer our clients the possibility to return the acquired products. The conditions that can lead to a return at AG10Moto Store are the following:

  • The Product Doesn’t Satisfy You
    • The product could be changed if it has not been unsealed and remains in perfect conditions. The maximum time to ask for a return is set in 7 working days since the reception of the order. We will refund the product amount but not the returning costs. The refund is done by means of a gift card with the product amount to spend at AG10Moto.com without returning costs. The client will have to assume the returning costs to send the product back.
  • If the product is faulty from origin
    • Once AG10Moto has received the faulty product, we will send another one. In this case, the change will always be done for the same product or reference. You will only be charged by the first shipping, AG10Moto will assume the costs associated to the return and new shipping.
  • If the product doesn’t correspond to the order
    • AG10Moto will be in charge of the pick-up costs of the wrong product and the shipping of the corresponding order.

IMPORTANT,  AG10Moto will not return any product until the reception, the packaging state and the item accessories have not been verified in our stores.

Neither the tailor-made AG10Moto products nor tailor-made design items admits any kind of changes or returning.

Limitation of Liability

Motorcycling in all its modalities is intrinsically dangerous and can provoke severe injuries including death. It is the client´s responsibility to be technically qualified to use AG10Moto materials and equipment. We recommend riding your motorbike as much equipped as possible. Use high-quality materials; you rely on them. Use your motorbike responsibly.

Supplied Content and Information

AG10Moto reserves the right to modify the commercial offer displayed on its website (products, prices, promotions as well as other commercial conditions and services modifications) at any time. AG10Moto seeks to offer website information as reliable as possible and without typographical mistakes. In case, Should such a mistake beyond the control of AG10Moto.com take place, we would immediately proceed to amend it. If there is a typographical mistake in any of the displayed prices and clients make up their mind to buy any product based on such mistake, clients will have the right to cancel the purchase without additional charges.


In general, the relations between Aitor González García (AG10Moto) and the Users of its telematic services, present on this website, are subject to Spanish legislation and jurisdiction. In case of litigation in relation to any of the aforementioned conditions of sale, with its interpretation, execution and non-execution, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction that may correspond, the parties submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona, ​​Spain.