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MásInitial payment of 50% and you can pay the rest once we have made the riding suit!

Mono sin bocetos

If you want, we make the sketch for you, you can make your reservation without confirming the sketch and as soon as we receive your order, we will contact you to start the design process and measurement.

Configurador de monos

If you want to design and setup the riding suit by yourself until the last detail, you can use our online suit customizer and confirm your order directly.


  • Customizing of your suit in one or 2 pieces.
  • Made in Spain in our own factory.
  • Custom design with the colors and logos you prefer. UNLIMITED! If you are looking for a REPLICA of a famous rider or a simple design without logos, we can do it for you!
  • Our DESIGNERS can make the sketch or you can do it by yourself with our ONLINE SUIT CUSTOMIZER.
  • Hump, Titanium protections and elbow/knee sliders are included in the price.
  • Fully custom made with PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE!
  • Shipping costs included!


Choose one of the designs, customize and
setup by yourself until the last detail!

Questions and answers

The price includes the manufacture and the custom design, fit warranty, one or 2 pieces (whatever you decide), hump, titanium, logos, etc... Regarding the quality, it is the highest range of quality of all our equipment. It is the same quality we offer for those riders who are competing professionally with our suits. Our suits are suitable for men or women and the price does not change, without surprises!

In the case of riding suits for children or sizes XXL, you must consult the price as it may vary.

The order can be confirmed in 2 ways:

By designing the suit by yourself with our ONLINE SUIT DESIGNER and once you have designed it you can make a payment equivalent to 50% of the TOTAL amount to formalize your order.

In the case, you want our designers to make the sketches; you will have to make the payment of a RESERVE WITHOUT SKETCH of 50% of the total amount of the suit. In this way, you confirm the order and we will contact you in 24/48 hours so that you can tell us your ideas about design and we will prepare a customized proposal.

In both cases, you will pay the remaining amount once we have your suit completed, before we send it to you.

Regarding the MEASURES, once we have the confirmed sketch, whether it is done by our designers or if you have done it by yourself with our ONLINE SUIT DESIGNER, we send you a form with photos and video where we explain how to take each measurement.

All AG10Moto suits are fully custom-made, have a Total Fit Guarantee without cost, therefore once you receive the suit you can try it on, and if you need any size adjustment, it will be included without cost, guaranteeing that you will have a suit that accomplishes your expectations.

We manufacture The AG10Moto suits entirely in SPAIN within our own clothing factories.

Regarding the qualities of our suits, we offer bovine leather or kangaroo tanned especially for us in ITALY. All our protections are LEVEL 2, the highest certification that exists and prestigious European brands use it. We work with threads of high resistance to abrasion and we made all the clothing with double and triple stitching.

Our prices are so competitive because we do not work with intermediaries or resellers and we have total control over the production, being able to offer a GUARANTEE OF TOTAL FIT without cost for the client.

Here we show you the extras that are not included in the price. You can add to your order at any time during the design and configuration process:

  • LEVEL 2 Back Protector: 50 €
  • Chest Protection LEVEL 2: 50 €
  • Cover: 30 €
  • Competition Undersuit: 60 €
  • Texture Service: 80€
  • AIRBAG READY, compatibility with interior AIRBAG vests: 100€
  • Priority Garment Service: 100 € (Guaranteed delivery in 15 working days)
  • Matching Gloves: 180 €
  • Matching Boots: 290 €


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