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Fit Guarantee

Tailor-made products AG10Moto (SUITS , JACKETS and PANTS) have a FIT GUARANTEE which the client could try the equipment and ask for a size improvement in case it is necessary.

The client doesn´t have to pay anything to use the FIT GUARANTEE service, except the shipping costs.


  • Any size alteration to improve the fitting of your garment like widened, shortened, extended, etc…

The FIT GUARANTEE doesn´t cover:

  • Design Modifications.
  • Logotype Changes.
  • Inscription Modifications.
  • Color Modifications.
  • Shipping costs.
  • AG10Moto boots and gloves.

Important information


Every AG10Moto product is cut based on the measurements provided by the client, leaving room for necessary fitting corrections. For patron cuts we use very precise software, so measurement mistakes are done by clients and rarely by the machinery which doesn´t allow margin errors.


It may exit color variation in every outline as they use approximate colors of reference.


The patterns used in the outlines are for reference as the design must be adapted to the customer measurements. We reserve the right to modify the outlines in order to obtain a perfect close-fitting for the client.

Guarantee Use

When clients want to use the PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE they must send an e-mail to indicating:

  • Complete Name.
  • Purchase Date.
  • Photos wearing the equipment, front, side-face and back.
  • Numbered list of the adjustments you want to be done.

If you want to use the FIT GUARANTEE, the maximum time limit to apply it is 15 working days from the day that you received your order.



Once you receive your custom-made AG10Moto suit, we start a testing process to assess if it fits correctly or if it is necessary to process the FIT GUARANTEE that we offer completely free of charge.

Our FIT GUARANTEE covers both if you have made a mistake in the measurements you have provided us to manufacture your equipment as well as size fittings to improve the sensations with the suit on.

Here are the points you need to take into account to draw a proper conclusion about the fit.

Our custom suits are NOT designed for standing or walking.

If you feel pressure in your shoulders or crotch when you try on the suit, this is totally normal as our suits are designed to be worn in a riding position and not for walking. To draw a proper conclusion on whether the fit is correct, you should try it on a motorcycle and ride with it where the elastic areas of the suit will do their job

The suit needs a few hours of initial use to adapt to your body.

Another fundamental point to draw a conclusion about the fit is the initial hours of use to finish adapting to your body. The fit sensations are totally different after several hours of use as all the elastic areas of the suit have to adapt to your body.

Receiving the suit for the first time, taking it out of the box and trying it on for 5 minutes in the dining room at home is NOT going to give you a true picture of the fit.

Check pressure / tension points in joints.

When wearing the suit, it is critical to check the degree of pressure and tension that you have with the suit on in articulated areas such as hip, thigh, knee, elbow, lumbar accordion and knee accordion. These points are areas of wear and if the suit has a very strong tension in a continuous way, it can cause damage to the stitching after a few uses.

If you notice excessive tension in any of these points, you should retake the measurement of that area to assess whether you have made a mistake in the measurements provided and allow us to update the suit to the correct size.

Suits with AIRBAG.

In the case of using the suit with an internal airbag vest, it is absolutely necessary that you try your suit with the airbag on and confirm that you have the necessary margins in case of activation. In case you have any doubts about the necessary space, please contact our sales department for further information on the points to be taken into account.


Let our sales team advise you.

One of our first concern is that the fit of your suit is perfect and that you can fully enjoy your AG10Moto custom-made equipment. 

Let our sales team advise you and if you have any questions or need clarification, do not hesitate to contact us.