Fit Guarantee

All custom-made products are supported by a PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE where the client can try the equipment on and ask for a size fitting should this be necessary.

The FIT GUARANTEE doesn’t generate additional costs to the client.


  • Size fitting of any kind such as widening, narrowing, shortening, lenghtening…

The FIT GUARANTEE doesn’t cover:

  • Design modifications.
  • Change of logotypes.
  • Inscription modifications.
  • Color modifications.

It is convenient to remember that the equipment to fit needs some time of use to adapt to your body. All our leathers come directly from the tannery and thus need to be used to expand and adapt to the shape of your body.



Every AG10Moto product is cut based on the measurements provided by the client, leaving the necessary mobility margins for a correct adjustment. For pattern cuts we use very precise laser cutters, therefore, in case of measurement mistakes, they tend to be done by the client, as the machinery that we use doesn’t allow error margin.


Variations in the color tones of the outline in relation to reality may exist, as the outlines use approximate colors of reference.


The patterns used in the outlines are for reference as the design must be adapted to the client’s measurements. We reserve the right to make modifications on the outline in order to obtain a perfect fitting for the client.

Perfect Fit Guarantee

A client who wants to make use of PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE must send an e-mail to indicating:

  • Complete name.
  • Purchase date.
  • Photos wearing the equipment, front, side-face and back
  • Numbered list of the adjustments desired to be done

The maximum period for applying the PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE will be of 15 calendar days since receiving the purchase.

The adjustments indicated on the list will be the ones on which we will proceed with the adjustment. We will not admit new adjustments once the FIT GUARANTEE process is initiated.