Full face motorcycle helmets

Full-face motorcycle helmets are equipment designed and manufactured in a single piece with a safe and light shell that will protect the rider’s head in the most extreme rides. At AGMoto we tell you how to find the model best adapted to you. 

These devices offer maximum protection, in addition to having greater insulation against noise and being lighter. The only moving part that presents the design of its structure is the visor screen, prepared to offer the best visibility and safety conditions.

When we talk about safety, the type of integral helmet represents the maximum in protection. These helmets are the most used by pilots with a sportier style and whose preference of use is the open road. However, they are helmets suitable for all types of riding and for different terrains, they adapt perfectly to the rider’s head and protect him efficiently.

Full-face helmets have numerous designs and styles, there is a great variety of aesthetics and a multitude of possibilities, all of them defined by variables such as the material of manufacture of the shell, the components inside the helmet, the type of closures, the accessories, the characteristics of the viewer, etc. Thus, all these factors shape the type of use and functionality of full-face helmets, presenting lines of marked tourist style, other urban and other sports. 

The designs of full-face helmets are marked, in the vast majority, by aerodynamic advances and by the materials used in their manufacture. Every day more innovations are made in this sector for the sake of a greater degree of safety, protection and comfort.

The shells of these helmets are usually made of polycarbonates, carbon fiber, fiberglass or Kevlar . Materials, all of them, that provide helmets with greater lightness and resistance. They are compact teams, adapted to the demands of different types of pilots and pilots. 

Currently, the comfort and convenience of full-face helmets is guaranteed, although in this sense full-face or jet helmets stand out the most. The science of technology and advances in textiles, materials and accessories provide these helmets with differentiating acoustic insulation, outstanding ventilation, innovative intercom models, washable and tested interiors, etc. As you can see, in integral you will have safety, quality and style for a safe piloting.

All the most representative brands of motorcycle helmets have a wide variety of models, from the low-end to the most exclusive variant. You can access cheap full-face helmets, helmets with much higher quality and helmets with a great value for money. 

At AG1OMoto we inform you about the most suitable options for your driving style. Choosing the ideal brand for your full face helmet is an important decision, so you must assess the recommendations we provide and apply them to your style and type of machine.

Characteristics of full face helmets

The full-face motorcycle helmet stands out for its solidity, they are functional equipment at the same time that they guarantee maximum protection for the rider. If we talk about safety, these helmets are the protagonists. 

The integral ones are the most used, since they adapt to any type of riding, to all types of motorcycle models and to terrains of all varieties. It is an all-rounder in functionality and use. 

Buying a full-face helmet means acquiring the most complete and safest equipment to ride any type of motorcycle. The full shell makes the difference. 

What characteristics should we look at when purchasing an integral?

  • Security.

The helmet is the essential element when riding a motorcycle, as it is a mandatory accessory for driving on public roads and is essential for the protection of the rider. 

The full-face helmet is unrivaled in safety, its one-piece construction guarantees this differentiation from other types of helmets. 

In addition to the type of shell design and modeling, there are other factors that directly influence the safety of the helmet.

  • Shell material.

The shell can be made of different types of materials, its degree of resistance and protection against impacts largely depends on it. 

To assess the degree of safety of a full-face helmet, various tests are carried out, such as the impact test to check the resistance of the shell, the linear test to measure shock absorption, the oblique test to calculate the consequences of an abrasion and the test of impact zones to see which parts of the helmet are the most vulnerable.

Another important aspect of the shell that also influences safety, are the colors. If we want other road users to see us better, the solution is to opt for helmets with light and fluorescent colors. The main brands offer several models whose aesthetics contemplate this aspect. You can also put reflectors on the helmet if your color preferences are more discreet.

  • Viewer quality.

Safety is also enhanced with a quality screen that provides high visibility to the pilot. Thus, your helmet can have 2D and 3D visors that improve the visual field and the aerodynamics of the helmet. 

If you choose to use a 2D screen, you have the advantage of being able to use Tear-Off , transparent sheets that capture all the dirt while driving and are then discarded. 

More and more, full-face helmets have automatic sun visors, which are deployed when the pilot needs to protect himself from glare. You also have anti UV treatment to protect the pilot’s eyes from the sun. It is not necessary to wear sun glasses under the helmet.

Technological advances have also surprised us with high visibility screens that enhance the level of vision in low light. Anti-fog systems such as pinlock are also a plus for helmet screens.

  • Security closures.

A very important element to take care of the safety of the integral helmet is the type of closure. The safest closure is the double buckle, ideal for riding at medium-high speeds on open roads.

  • Aerodynamics, comfort and functionality.

If we had to highlight one aspect that defines almost all full-face helmets, it would be aerodynamics. The techniques and technologies applied in its design and manufacture offer pilots a series of advantages compared to other types of helmets. 

Aerodynamics optimizes the use of full-face helmets in pilots where speed is the protagonist, since they exert less resistance to the wind and provide the pilot with greater cervical stability. It also influences sound insulation and provides greater protection against noise. 

Another important aspect that defines the full-face helmet is the inner shell or EPS, since its characteristics influence comfort and convenience when using it, but also safety through weight, ventilation, acoustics and communication.

Visit our store for full face helmets at AG10Moto and choose a model adjusted to your needs. Remember the information we have provided you.

Integral helmet brands

The motorcycle helmet sector has a wide representation of first-rate brands where integral models occupy a main plot in design and manufacture. 

Some of the most recognized brands of full face helmets are:

  • Nolan brand, forerunner of polycarbonate helmets.

The Nolan brand is Italian and since 1972 has been manufacturing motorcycle helmets through a fully integrated process. It is the house with the largest manufacture of helmets in Europe. 

The Nolan group manufactures its models under the Nolan, Grex and X-Lite brands. It stands out for its capacity for innovation and for its advances in intercoms. It was the first European company to manufacture full face helmets with thermoplastic material. 

We highlight two models of full-face helmets from this house, the Nolan N87 Gemini and the X-803 Casey Replica.

  • Scorpion brand, very careful aesthetic lines.

The Scorpion brand is French and today it is consolidated in the European market as one of the most powerful brands. It presents a very dynamic line, with helmets that seek the safety and comfort of the rider. 

It works several ranges, from the professional and more sporty to the off road or even the most economical. They are versatile. 

We highlight models of flip-up helmets from this house such as the Scorpion Exo-1004 Carbon or the Exo-1004 Air.

  • Shark brand, high safety and performance rates.

The Shark brand started the manufacture of motorcycle helmets in France more than 30 years ago, backed by its high technical and innovative range. 

It belongs to the multibrand group 2 Ride, along with Nolan, X-Lite or Grex. They are manufacturers of high technology in the form of helmets. 

We highlight models of full-face helmets from this house such as the Shark Race R Pro or the Spartan Carbon 1.2. Two large helmets.

  • Biltwell brand, American essence for custom lovers.

The Biltwell brand was founded in the United States of America and is a reference for all who want a vintage-style helmet at a moderate price. 

This house offers models with a very careful aesthetic and designs adapted to the most retro bikers. 

If we want to highlight any of the models of this house, we can do it with the Biltwell Lane Splitter, an intermediate of the house. 

The main brands have a wide representation of full face helmets in their catalogs. Safety comes first when choosing your helmet. 

At AG10Moto, quality is synonymous with safety, that’s why we offer you an outlet section with cheap full face helmetswhere you can choose the ideal equipment for you. Remember our tips and make your selection prioritizing safety and comfort. Find your helmet!