Jet motorcycle helmets

The jet helmets are ideal for most urban drivers. If you are looking for a light, comfortable and visible equipment, look for information in AG10Moto . 

The jet motorcycle helmet is open, does not have a chin guard and has a visor or screen that protects you during riding. It is also called “calimero helmet” because of its open cut line at the middle of the head. 

The jets are very practical helmets to circulate around the city or for sunny days. They are light, fresh and very comfortable equipment, especially to be used during the summer seasons. With them you will have a wide field of vision, an important aspect in terms of safety to circulate in the city.

If we talk about safety, these helmets have a much lower degree of protection than that provided by modular or integral. They are teams that stand out for their designs and their use can be functional in short distances, urban roads or quiet areas, but they are not recommended for driving on the open road at medium and high speeds. 

These helmets stand out for their attractive aesthetics, their stylish retro air make them the ideal complement for custom motorcycles . Motorcycles chopper , scooters, the bikers or lines scooterare best resorted to when using a jet. His style is fully urban.

Jet helmets are presented with two clearly differentiated designs within their type, the jet variant and the semi jet models:

  • Jet helmets have free the chin area and the lower part of the head. They have lateral and posterior cervical protection, just like full-face helmets, only without chin guard.
  • The semi jet helmets are helmets with a shorter line on the sides, they are those that conform to the simple and freer style.

Currently, almost all the representative brands in the motorcycle helmet sector include a special section for jet-type models, which will provide you with numerous alternatives to select the equipment that you like the most and that best suits the design of your motorcycle and your own. pleasures. 

For those moments when you want to be handsome on a motorcycle, jet helmets are a great advantage. In addition, they are comfortable, functional in short distances, very light and the coolest. They emanate freedom. 

At AG10Moto we put at your disposal a wide range of jet helmets. According to the recommendations that we have provided you, you can choose the one that best suits your style.

Characteristics of jet helmets

The jet motorcycle helmet stands out for its simplicity, they are functional and comfortable equipment, the lightest and the ones that can give you the most feeling of freedom. If we talk about safety, these helmets are the ones that offer the least passive protection. 

Jets are the most used by urban pilots, who like to circulate on warm days and with vintage or custom urban motorcycle styles. The most beachy also tend to use them on their summer excursions. 

Buy a jet helmetIt involves acquiring equipment for non-continuous use, it is not a helmet for long distances, the environmental conditions must be favorable and its functionality is urban or short distances. Its shell will give you aesthetics and freedom of movement, but surely you will have another team that responds to other types of piloting. 

What characteristics do we have to look at when purchasing a jet helmet?

  • Security.

We all know that the helmet is the essential safety equipment when riding a motorcycle. In addition to being mandatory for driving, it is a basic element to protect the rider. 

The jet helmet cannot compete in terms of safety with the modular ones, much less with the integral ones, but it is fair to say that the jets are the safest in active safety, that is, the one that can alert us and prevent us from having an accident. 

Jet helmets favor peripheral vision, so they are very suitable for circulation in the city, where we need to be very attentive to everything around us. 

This type of helmet must be combined, obligatorily, with goggles or frontal screens that protect our eyes.

Now you know that the urban helmet par excellence is the jet and that in terms of active safety it offers great advantages.

  • The shell.

The shell is made in one single piece, open, exposing the face. It can be made of different materials, which directly influence the degree of resistance and protection of the helmet against blows or impacts. 

A very important element to take care of the safety of the jet helmet is the type of closure of the shell. These helmets have a closure under the chin where the fastening straps are fastened and can be micrometric, very practical, or with a double ring, the safest.

  • Viewer quality.

There are jet helmets for all tastes, versatility of designs and aesthetics. As for visors, the same thing happens, some pilots prefer to wear glasses with their jet and others opt for helmets with an integrated visor. 

The jet helmet visor can come in different shapes, each suitable for a specific style. Thus, your helmet can have an aviator type visor, medium-long visor, long visor, retractable or double visor. 

The main functionality of the visor is to protect your face from the wind and from any element that may interfere with the visual capacity of your equipment. 

More and more, jet helmets have visors with built-in filters to give your piloting greater comfort and safety. Technological advances have also surprised us in this regard.

  • Comfort and lightness.

If we had to highlight some characteristics that define most jet helmets, they would be lightness, comfort, their wide field of vision and the feeling of freedom. 

The outer shell is light and facilitates urban piloting, offering a wide field of vision. In addition, as it is open, the acoustic field is also more evident, which is a plus in active safety for circulation in the urban environment. Another important aspect that defines the jet helmet is the inner shell or EPS, it offers comfort and convenience of use. 

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Jet helmet brands

Within the jet range of open helmets, we will highlight several brands with very attractive models, the French HCJ Helmets, the Japanese Shoei and Arai and the American Bauer. 

The motorcycle helmet sector offers you a wide range of prestigious brands with models whose design will surprise you. 

Next, we present you some of the most recognized houses of jet helmets :

  • Shoei brand, Japanese quality.

The Shoei brand is originally from Tokyo and since 1959 it has been manufacturing motorcycle helmets, introducing the most advanced technologies and providing them with differentiating quality. 

The constant improvement of the safety parameters in its designs and the incorporation of advances in innovation give it great prestige. Each helmet is developed with care and they take great care of all the details. 

We highlight two models of full-face helmets from this house, the Shoei JO Carburetror, ​​the J-Cruise and the JO Seafire.

  • Arai brand, safety is the priority.

The Arai brand is Japanese, like the previous one and for more than 40 years it has been dedicated to manufacturing helmets with high levels of quality control, prioritizing safety. 

It develops very resistant casings that pass exhaustive quality controls and its teams enjoy great prestige in the world of racing motorcycles. 

From Arai we highlight one of the most representative jet models and with which we complement our catalog, the Arai Freeway.

  • HJC brand, high quality in a wide range.

The HJC brand started manufacturing motorcycle helmets in France in 1971 and today it has 24 different models of helmets, one of the widest ranges on the market. 

It is a very renowned brand, with high quality products. They are well-equipped, lightweight and comfortable helmets. 

In its jet range we can highlight models such as the HJC FG, the IS-33II, the i40 and the V30.

  • Blauer brand, 100% original American style.

The Blauer brand was founded in the United States of America and is a classic of North American motorcycle apparel. Made for the most customized styles. 

This house offers models of helmets with a very made in the USA aesthetic , designs adapted to the most retro bikers and the most vintage styles. 

This brand combines safety, technique and innovation with the elegance of the most exclusive designs. 

If we want to highlight any of the models from this house, we can do so with the Blauer Pilot 1.1 and its different versions of aesthetics in the shells.

The most representative brands in the motorcycle helmet sector offer very attractive alternatives to jet models in their catalogs. If your piloting is urban and your style is defined as retro, your ideal helmet may be the jet. 

At AG10Moto we offer you an outlet section with cheap jet helmets and other more exclusive alternatives. Look at our recommendations and you will be able to choose the right helmet for you with success. If you are looking for active safety, comfort and style after reading this article, you will know which helmet is yours.