AGV motorcycle helmets

AGV helmets pure originality and innovation on wheels. Look for the quality of this brand and choose your model at the best price at AG10Moto .

AGV was founded in 1947 in Italy by Gino Amisano and since then it has been considered a top-of-the-range brand in the world of motorcycle equipment. It presents a line very focused on sports competition and stands out for its technological advances in aerodynamics, comfort and safety.

An AGV motorcycle helmet combines research, design and innovation with high safety standards and unique performance. A brand with character for demanding and experienced pilots.

Types of AGV helmets

The most cutting-edge technological prowess applied in the design and manufacture of any type of helmet, whether integral, flip-up or jet, defines the AGV helmet models.

  • AGV flip-up helmets.

If you are looking for a multipurpose, versatile helmet with a clear touring profile , designed for riders who like to spend hours on their motorcycle doing endless routes, opt for a modular.

An all in one, the AGV modular helmets are safe, comfortable, aerodynamic, light equipment, with performance and sporty design. Everything a pilot needs to protect his head and enjoy the route.

At first glance, the differences between a flip-up helmet and a full face helmet are not many, although in practice, the mobile chin guard of the modular equipment makes the big difference. A flip-up helmet facilitates interaction with other people, simply by opening the chin guard you expose your face and communicate without having to take it off.

  • Integral helmets.

The helmets AGV comprehensive  offer the most complete protection. The brand has a wide range of high-quality models and also several versions adapted to different types of riding.

If we highlight a specific AGV model we must start with the competition helmets, after which the sports helmets would also stand out, very similar but adapted to driving on the road. Its models of tourist helmets stand out for their comfort and for their suitability for riding long routes. Nor can we leave behind the most off-road, the off road , so you can enjoy off the track.

AGV manufactures shells with high security controls, wearing a full-face helmet from this house gives you good protection. The quality shows.

There are numerous designs and styles of AGV full face helmets, the material with which they are made, the type of closures and the aesthetics of the shells make it possible to have a helmet for each pilot.

  • Jet helmets.

The helmets AGV jet are urbanite style par excellence. Versatility of designs and aesthetics for a freer piloting and with greater visibility.

AGV helmet materials

The components of an AGV helmet make the difference in terms of comfort and safety, in the same way as the materials used for its manufacture.

AGV helmets are made up, like the vast majority, of an outer shell, aerodynamic accessories, inner shell or EPS, retention system, visor, ventilation and interior elements.

  • Interior of an AGV.

If something we have to highlight is the interior of an AGV, the advances applied in fabrics and accessories have favored that these helmets provide outstanding comfort with adapted, removable and washable padding, a solid and very secure fit, resistance and practicality. In addition, the sizes are varied to adapt the helmet to perfection.

The brand takes great care of the design of the helmet and its interiors. Values ​​such as interior temperature, the pressure exerted by the helmet on the head, the condensation and humidity that can accumulate and even the sensations transmitted by the materials and fabrics of the helmet are accurately calculated.

AGV uses different fabrics and treatments depending on the helmet, for cold climates it uses shalimar, which offers great warmth and softness to the touch, and for hot climates uses rhythm , which provides breathability and freshness.

They also use nabuk or eco-leather, highly resistant and solid, ideal to protect the cervical area, and elastic microfiber for Racing ranges .

Hygiene is very important inside a helmet, which is why AGV uses sanitized , a treatment that prevents the growth of bacteria.

  • Outer shell of an AGV.

The main materials used in the manufacture of the outer shells of the helmets are various, all of them resistant and approved in terms of safety.

– Injected thermo plastic: it is the simplest and most economical material, it is polycarbonate and ABS. After five years, the helmet must be replaced, since the impact absorption capacity, at a single point, is reduced.

– Fiberglass: it is reinforced resin, the material that best absorbs impacts, which in this case is distributed over the entire surface of the helmet. They are very light.

– Fiber composites: a combination of various materials such as glass, carbon and Kevlar . It is used in high-end helmets and provides greater reinforcement to the cervical area.

– Carbon fiber andkevlar : the lightest and most resistant material. The most exclusive helmets are made with it, especially it is used in competition.

  • AGV closures and visors:

With regard to helmet closures, there are two types, the micrometric one that is very characteristic in modular and jet helmets, it is very practical, but not the safest. In full-face helmets, the double buckle, made of stainless steel and with self-locking is usually used; it is the safest.

Vision screens can be made of materials with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatments, which is ideal. Systems such as photochromic pinlock or others can also be adapted to achieve a higher quality of vision for the pilot.

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AGV Models

Next, we are going to present you in detail several models of AGV helmets, the quality and the good work in design and performance is evident in all of them.


The AGV K3-SV helmet is a lightweight full face with high levels of comfort and very affordable. It stands out for its aerodynamic design and high safety.

The outer shell of this helmet is made of high-resistance thermoplastic with 4-density EPS in 4 sizes and 2 shell sizes. The closure system is micrometric.

The interior of the helmet contains Dry-Comfort fabric , it is removable and washable, it has a removable nose guard and another anti-wind. The ventilation system stands out for its great efficiency, with 2 rear extractors, 5 rear vents and adjustable outlets.

K3 SV is an adaptable helmet with very notable features, such as the sunscreen that is deployed from the inside of the shell, which complements a visor with mechanical step-open opening and an expansive field of vision with pinlock , anti-scratches and micro openings.

AGV Corsa W.

The AGV Corsa W helmet is one of the safest full face helmets. For its manufacture, the Extreme Standard Helmets method has been used , taking care of the design to the smallest detail, ensuring comfort and aerodynamics for the sake of good piloting.

The Corsa W is a versatile helmet with a light shell made of fiberglass and carbon that has 4 shells and 7 carvings. The visor of this helmet features the XQRS, a metal mechanism with a rotating opening, in addition to anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment and a wide vision capacity with the tear-off system. 

The interior of the Corsa W is made of Lycra and shalimar , with sanitized treatmentand with removable and washable padding. Its ventilation system is IVS with an opening and closing mechanism. The anchoring system is double buckle with included breath deflector.


The AGV AX-8 helmet is a top-of-the-range integral off-road fiber helmet , the brand’s flagship. It is a super light equipment with a carbon and fiberglass outer shell, optimized design with cervical protection reinforcement, removable nose guard, removable padded chin guard and 8 sizes.

The AX-8 has an aerodynamics that limits the sail effect, a double ring security closure and a stainless steel protection grill on the chin. It is a helmet with correct ventilation, having several adjustable air vents and openings.

The interior of the helmet has Dry-Lex fabric with good breathability and hypoallergenicity, with removable and washable padding.

The AX 8’s viewfinder is made of polycarbonate and has an anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment.

AGV Compact ST.

The AGV Compact ST helmet is one of the most compact, comfortable and resistant modular. It is a versatile team with double homologation, both for open and closed driving.

This model features a design with surprising aerodynamic performance and is adapted to facilitate driving both in the city and on the road. It has a generic intercom system.

Its interior is made with top quality material, removable and washable; a rhythm padding that provides softness and freshness in the cheek area and shalimar fabric on the upper part and on the nape to provide protection, comfort and softness.

The mobile chin guard system is metallic and the shell is made of thermoplastic. The ventilation system has adjustable vents and the visor has an anti-scratch system, pinlock and integrated sun visor with multi-step mechanism.


The AGV K-5 helmet is an integral model with a sporty, premium, very comfortable and light character. It is a team made of carbon fiber versatile in use, since its sporty profile does not prevent it from being a good helmet to use in the road version.

The K5 has a very practical sun screen that can be folded over the viewfinder with just one gesture. Safety comes first and not only in quality of vision, but also in retention, since this equipment has a double buckle closure that guarantees greater security and a better fit.

The inner shell is comfortable, has a soft-touch padding and medium pressure, with a design very adapted to accessories and ventilation needs. It is much more comfortable than any other sports car.

AGV is already a legend in the motorcycle sector and at AG10Moto you will find a catalog with the most emblematic models of the brand.