Airoh motorcycle helmets

At AG10Moto we present different models of Airoh helmets . If you are looking for an innovative off-road vehicle, this is your brand.

Airoh was founded in 1986 in Italy by Antonio Locatelli and since then has been manufacturing helmets in the on-road , off-road and racing ranges . Their helmets have participated in 90 world titles.

It presents a highly specialized off-road line , for motocross, enduro and quad , working all terrains and elements with innovation and the application of the most avant-garde technological advances.

All their helmets pass exhaustive safety controls through the FEM method, the level of shock absorption is evaluated and aerodynamic tests are carried out to guarantee efficient equipment with adequate ventilation and ergonomics.

An Airoh motorcycle helmet combines the safety of a powerful shell , design and innovation with high safety standards and unique features. A brand with character for demanding and experienced pilots.

Types of Airoh helmets

The technological advances applied to the morphology and aerodynamics of any type of helmet, whether integral, flip-up or jet, categorize Airoh helmet models.

  • Flip-up helmets.

If you are an unconditional fan of motorcycles, the Airoh brand will be more than familiar to you and its flip-up helmets are ideal for their high visibility screen quality. The prestige of modular Airoh helmets on off-road motocross circuits is undeniable. Similarly, the high-end flip-up Airoh helmets on the road are excellent.

If you are looking for a versatile cross – country helmet, Airoh modular helmets are a good alternative, they are safe, comfortable, aerodynamic equipment, with performance and a sporty and elegant design. Everything you need to protect yourself and enjoy an off-road.

The mobile chin guard of the modular equipment defines the versatility of the folding Airoh, since it favors communication, use on the road and is suitable for sports on land. The same happens with the tourist ones, you can adapt them to the city.

  • Integral helmets.

The full-face Airoh helmets dispense with the safest and toughest riding in the range, ideal for long routes and motorists who are passionate about the km. The daring designs of these helmets will not let you go unnoticed.

At the top of Airoh helmets are off-road models , this brand is a specialist in manufacturing high-level trails . Then we would move on to the competition ones, where quality and innovation prevail and finally we find the touring , more comfortable and discreet, adapted to road routes.

Airoh stands out for its manufacture of adventure helmets , a good integral team with off-roadcharacteristics, for pilots who like the wildest routes.

The styles that define the helmets with their designs in Airoh mark preferences for the off-piste. They have a wide range where you can choose the most suitable equipment for each style.

  • Jet helmets.

The helmets Airoh jet are for urban everyday. Attractive designs and great visibility for more effective security in the city. Airoh has star jet models on the market.

Airoh helmet materials

The elements of an Airoh helmet indicate the difference in terms of comfort and safety off roadand trail , as well as the materials used for its manufacture.

Airoh helmets are made up of the outer shell, the aerodynamic components, the inner shell, the closure system, the screen or visor, the ventilation and the interiors.

  • Interior of an Airoh.

If we want to highlight something from the interior of an Airoh above other elements, this is the technical innovation applied to fabrics and accessories, which has helped these helmets offer exceptional comfort in competition teams, in cross and trail , with special padding. , removable and washable, very safe retention systems, resistance and lightness.

  • Outer shell of an Airoh.

The safety of the shell is defined by the materials used in its manufacture and the design and technology applied in the manufacturing process. Airoh works with special silicone polymers to make the inside of the helmet a more protective space, backed by its AMS 2 system, in addition to the ASN, with which 3D fabrics are designed that affect safety against impacts and ventilation.

The main materials used in the manufacture of the outer shell of the helmets are various, since they vary even according to the size and type of equipment. The most used materials, all of them resistant and approved, are injected thermoplastic, carbon fibers, glass, aramid or HPC.

  • Airoh closures and visors:

The micrometric closure is a very characteristic retention system in modular and jet helmets and is very practical, but the safest system is the double buckle, more used in full-face helmets.

Airoh visors adapt to different helmet models, providing them with quality of vision through their functionality and practicality, for safer driving.

Airoh models

Now, we are going to present you several models of Airoh helmets, with very remarkable features and designs to enjoy off-road riding.

Airoh Helios

The Airoh Helios helmet is an open model with superior features to meet the expectations of the most demanding pilots. This helmet is comfortable and very light, standing out above all for its style. Its three shell sizes, an integrated visor, bluetooth-ready , its adjustable micrometric closure, the removable, washable and hypoallergenic interior and a custom kit included make this equipment a great jet option.

Airoh H20

The Airoh H20 helmet is another jet that stands out for its lightness and urban styling. Its HPC shell is available in three sizes and has a long, resistant and very light visor with integrated Sun Creen visor and pinlock foil as standard. This helmet is a good choice for the most urban riding.

Airoh TRR

The Airoh TRR helmet is a jet recommended for trial practice, although its versatility makes it possible to ride in the city. It is a device that offers maximum comfort and is extremely light, stands out for its good ventilation, the adjustable and removable visor and its modern style with very creative graphics. All make it the best option to make a difference both doing sports and in the city.

Airoh Commander

The Airoh Commander helmet is a versatile, versatile all- round helmet with the possibility of using it in any environment. It is a helmet with an innovative design, turning its components into adaptable accessories to the different types of use that can be given to it. The combinations of its screen and visor are varied to respond to the pilot’s preferences and it has two sizes and a wide variety of graphics with great visual impact.

Airoh Executive

The Airoh Executive helmet is a folding helmet that allows you to unhook the chin guard and place it on the back of the shell in an integrated and aesthetic way, through the Chin-Guard Holder system . Going from road to urban piloting in one step is a plus for the most versatile. In addition, it is a helmet with excellent performance and very complete.

Airoh Phantom

The Airoh Phantom helmet is a practical and safe modular to enjoy long trips, it is designed for tourism. Its comfort, its ACVS ventilation system and the highly resistant shell made of thermoplastic stand out.

Airoh Rev19

The Airoh Rev19 helmet is a folding helmet prepared for everything, with it you will always be ready to take your motorcycle. This model is a 2 in 1, going from on road to urban style in a second with the 180º rotation system. At the same time, this model is a guarantee of safety and comfort.

Airoh Spark

The Airoh Spark helmet is a sports full face helmet , with aggressive lines, for pilots who want to experiment with giving gas on the asphalt. Its shell is made of thermoplastic resistant and has two carvings, with a full screen extra-wide and visor sun screen integrated with Pinlock . It is a helmet with high-end features.

Airoh GP550

The Airih GP 550 helmet reinvents performance on the road and also on the track, it is an integral that is positioned on the podium of the Racing models , although it offers maximum comfort for a more practical and intense use. It is a model equipped with avant-garde technology that presents three shell sizes made of HPC, with a 2d sports screen and excellent ventilation.

Airoh ST 501

The Airoh ST 501 helmet is a full-face touring helmet with a sporty design that will be an excellent companion on longer trips. It has a conical shell of HPC in two sizes and a variable density of EPS, in addition its ventilation systems guarantee maximum comfort even on the hottest days. The toughest tours are made easier with it.

Airoh Valor

The Airoh Valor helmet is a stylish full face helmet with a sporty and aggressive design, with a race essence. Its shell made of HRT thermoplastic is very resistant and has two adaptation measures. It is a helmet that stands out for its panoramic screen that offers a large field of vision and for its efficient ventilation system.

Airoh is highly gifted in the motorcycle sector and at AG10Moto you have a catalog with the most cutting-edge models of the brand.