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Biltwell motorcycle helmets

Biltwell helmets for the most retro styles, models with high quality standards in safety and comfort. At AG10Moto you will find the ideal helmet. 

Biltwell was founded in the United States of America and is a reference for all who want a vintage-style helmet at a moderate price. 

This house annually offers collections with new limited edition colors, keeping the basics, such as matt black, gloss black, matt white and gloss white as the only invariable ones and with guaranteed stock. 

Biltwell motorcycle helmetIt is light, comfortable and affordable, with a great diversity of finishes and colors that guarantee a highly customized aesthetic in the pure American style, especially if you use other accessories from the same house. They stand out for their simplicity and vintage design.

Types of Biltwell helmets

The world of Café Racer defines the style of these very original helmets that give off authenticity through their attractive and exclusive features. They are made with the highest quality materials providing a suitable result on the road and are faithful to the design of those wonderful years.

  • Flip-up helmets.

The helmets Biltwell folding lack mobile mentonera, so, although we define as folding, the Biltwell models only have mobile screens or visors. 

The screens of a Bitwell are very wide and long, with a folding system and that in reality do not respect the concept of modularity present in other brands, since the chin bars are rigid and integrated into the shell. 

The versatility found in the modular models, mimicking the obvious advantages of an open helmet that transmits freedom and the comfort of the most closed and secure ones, in this case, it is found in a single version, the full-face helmet with a folding visor.

The style of the brand is very particular, since some models of flip-up Bilwell helmets have mobile visors that open on the shell and other models have a design in which the integral shells are presented without a visor with the open eye hole. This aesthetic allows the use of shields or blast or bubble screens that give the helmet a very unique appearance and are adjusted to the shell through clasps that decorate the contour of the eye hole. 

If we talk about modular Biltwell helmets, we mean closed helmets with movable visors that facilitate the pilot’s visibility and communication towards the outside of the helmet.

  • Integral helmets.

The comprehensive Biltwell helmets are ideal for motorcycle cruiser or for those riders looking for a look authentic retro. 

The integral biltwell is a helmet that covers practically the entire rider’s face, providing greater safety while riding. There are different types of visor that guarantee a good field of vision while taking care of the aesthetics of the helmet. The interiors of this brand are usually sewn by hand, which in itself is a guarantee of good work, care and dedication to detail. 

The range of colors for this type of team is very wide and is enriched annually with new bets, so everyone will have alternatives.

Riding with an integral Biltwell is safer and more precise on the road, enjoying endless routes riding the road safely and comfortably. If your riding style is adventurous on road , this is your helmet.

  • Jet helmets.

The helmets jet Biltwell are what you need if you like to feel freedom in your face while piloting your bike in the city. They are helmets with a great personality, the same one that their owners inspire. 

The peculiarity of jet helmets is that they lack a chin guard, so under the chin they only have the closing strap, usually with a double buckle, which adjusts to the face in an adapted way and provides them with security.

Biltwell Helmet Materials

The materials of a Biltwell helmet guarantee safety, the level of protection and its range of comfort, so it is important that the elements of the helmet, no matter how simple, are manufactured respecting the maximum levels of quality in these matters.

  • Interior of a Biltwell.

The inner shell is usually made of expanded polystyrene and is covered with padding that guarantees greater comfort. In a Biltwell, the inner padding in addition to being hand-finished are removable and washable and are usually made with brushed lycra lining with contrasting diamont-stichet and filled with Chin Pad foam.

  • Outer shell of a Biltwell.

Biltwell manufactures the outer shells of all its helmets with ABS and the finishes are hand painted. Every year a new limited series is marketed with unique colors and finishes to personalize the most vintage biker style of each one. 

The sizes of the shells are usually three and depending on the model they are variable. The most generic is the M, often giving answers to a larger size, but sometimes the usual M becomes an L depending on the specific model.

  • Biltwell Latches and Visors:

The retention or closure system is always double buckle or double D, with stainless steel rings. Maximum safety to adjust the helmet. 

The visors usually have several closing brackets on the shell, Flat or Bubble type , and are anchored through two metal screws in the most classic style.

Biltwell Models

Blitwell Lane

The AGV K3-SV helmet is a lightweight full face with high levels of comfort and very affordable. It stands out for its aerodynamic design and high safety.

The outer shell of this helmet is made of high-resistance thermoplastic with 4-density EPS in 4 sizes and 2 shell sizes. The closure system is micrometric.

The interior of the helmet contains Dry-Comfort fabric , it is removable and washable, it has a removable nose guard and another anti-wind. The ventilation system stands out for its great efficiency, with 2 rear extractors, 5 rear vents and adjustable outlets.

K3 SV is an adaptable helmet with very notable features, such as the sunscreen that is deployed from the inside of the shell, which complements a visor with mechanical step-open opening and an expansive field of vision with pinlock , anti-scratches and micro openings.

Blitwell Gringo

The Biltwell Gringo helmet is a full face helmet with two different versions, the Gringo S that has a screen and the Gringo that does not wear it as standard, both with a very attractive vintage aesthetic and with a variety of 6 new colors per season. All come with a standard carry bag. 

The outer shell of various sizes, like that of all the helmets in this house, is made of ABS, a resistant plastic resin and injection molded, without trims or seams and painted by hand. The interior EPS is developed with expanded polystyrene, a material that absorbs well impacts in the event of an accident. The padding of the inner shell is removable and washable and developed with BioFoam open cell foamand brushed lycra, all hand-sewn. The retention system is a double ring closure. 

The visor of the Gringo case is foldable and in the Gringo S, if you choose to put the brand’s bubble or explosion shield, the visor is fastened through a few small clicks around the eye hole. The helmet complies with ECE and DOC regulations.

Biltwell is the quintessential American vintage brand and at AG10Moto we have several models with which you can customize your style.