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Blauer motorcycle helmets

The Blauer helmets are comfortable and technically advanced equipment to accompany the bikers driving more vintage of our roads. If you are looking for safety and comfort in AG10Moto we present a few of these American classics.

The Blauer brand is originally from the United States of America and has been part of the classic North American motorcycle clothing since 1936. Equipment developed for the most customized styles. Made in America to enjoy rolling around Spain.

This house offers models with designs adapted to the most avant-garde bikers, who are looking for the latest fashion styles with exclusivity. They are teams that combine safety, technique and innovation with the elegance of the most authentic designs.

A Blauer motorcycle helmet is elegance, design and personality on the motorcycle.

Types of Blauer helmets

The style of the Blauer is inspired by the legacy of the 80s, with an authentic urban look , free spirit on wheels. Do not miss what we are going to tell you about these beautiful helmets.

  • Flip-up helmets.

The helmets Blauer folding are versatile and distinguished by camouflaging the advantages of an open town and tourist or urban, ie safety and comfort for a multipurpose center.

If you like urban style, but you also want a helmet that supports you on your on-road routes , the Blauer folding may be a good option for you. Enjoying your motorcycle in the city is not incompatible with road adventures. The prestige of this brand and the qualities of its components guarantee that you will have a safe, comfortable and practical riding.

Feeling more free with security, comfort and enjoying the best benefits is possible. Protection and adventure, all in one. The Blauer modular helmetsThey have a mobile chin guard that provides a greater sense of freedom, more visibility in the city if we are wearing it down and effective communication between the rider and the outside world.

Blauer has a state-of-the-art modular model made in Italy, with a very innovative aesthetic and the latest in technological advances, is the Sky II. A good alternative if you are looking for a flip-up helmet from the iconic American house of vintage models.

  • Integral helmets.

The comprehensive Blauer helmets are ideal for motorcycles custom or styles on road elegant, are equipment for those riders looking for a look authentic retro or make a difference classy.

The Blauer integral is a helmet that has large screens, transmitting a greater feeling of freedom to the pilot, although its qualities guarantee safe driving. The outer shell of any integral model of the house is made of super fibers, providing great resistance and lightness. The interiors of this brand are breathable and hypoallergenic, in addition to being treated with sanitized , a guarantee of comfort and care for the pilot’s skin.

The range of colors and finishes is limited, they do not have much variety, it will be because the ones they do have are successful and are liked by the general public.

Driving with an integral Blauer is safer and more precise for road routing, although enjoying the km does not contradict its style adapted to the shortest and fastest journeys through the city. The two integral models of the brand present very characteristic styles and aimed at two very different pilots, but they do not contradict their versatility to exchange options.

The integral models that Blauer presents are the Force One and the 80S, different styles, high quality alike.

  • Jet helmets.

The helmets Blauer jet is your response to the need to feel freedom in your face while piloting your bike to the urbanite style. They are helmets with great authenticity, their aesthetics do not go unnoticed, they achieve the authentic halo of vintage through an elegant and stylish line.

The most popular jet-style Blauer models are the Pilot and Pod. Pure urban instinct.

Blauer helmet materials

The materials used in the manufacture of a Blauer helmet guarantee the safety and comfort of a high-quality equipment.

  • Inner shell of a Blauer.

The inner shell is usually of different densities so it guarantees greater shock absorption in the event of an accident and is covered with padding with adequate breathability and antibacterial and antiallergic treatment, guaranteeing comfort. In a Blauer, the interior padding is also removable and washable and provides balance and good support to the rider’s head.

  • Outer shell of a Blauer.

Blauer manufactures the outer shells of all its helmets with high quality fibers, the so-called super fibers and composites, to guarantee greater resistance, lightness and safety of the helmet. Its aesthetics are sober and elegant with designs where aerodynamics guarantee good acoustic insulation, correct ventilation and balanced piloting.

The sizes of the shell are various, the different sizes respond to the needs of all pilots. The graphics appear to blend with the helmet. They are helmets with their own light, they need little to stand out.

  • Blauer fasteners and visors:

The retention system in the cases of this brand is mainly the double buckle or double D, with stainless steel rings. Safety to adjust the helmet to maximum power.

The screens or visors usually have several closing brackets on the shell in the most urban models and in the on-road models the integrated screen is foldable with great vision capacity and practical functionality. The sun protection, the anti-scratch system and the anti-fog also add a plus to the Blauer screens.

Blauer Models

Now we are going to present you a couple of Blauer helmet models, the most vintage design for Café Racer styles and pilots in love with custom. The elegance of a cross road different in style, but very remarkable in quality.

Blauer 80's

The Blauer 80’s helmet is a full face helmet designed to be attractive on your motorcycle, all eyes will fall on you, such a helmet does not go unnoticed, it is essentially pure personality. A helmet with vintage aesthetics from the 80s, Café Racer style and made with exclusive high quality materials with premium finishes. A top of style to show off.

The outer shell is made of a composite of three super fibers, dyneema , carbon and aramid fiber and by epoxy resin.This guarantees its resistance and maximum protection for the rider. The EPS is made up of a double layer and three different densities, which favors the absorption of impacts in the event of an accident. The interior of this helmet is designed to provide comfort, with its breathable, anti-bacteria and hypoallergenic padding, as well as removable and washable; with this we ensure maximum comfort.

This helmet has a screen with anti-scratch treatment and with a closing system by means of brackets. The viewfinder is clear and transparent and provides a wide field of view. The helmet’s retention system is double-buckled to ensure a better hold.

A clearly retro aesthetic while minimalist. This Blauer helmet model, the 80 S will be a good companion for road adventures in addition to guaranteeing the freedom of a jet in the city by discovering the screen, it is approved for it. Class on the move with Blauer.

Force One

The Biltwell Force One helmet is a full face with several different versions depending on color.White, red and matte black define its graphics and its color appearance. Its aesthetics are very attractive and elegant for a cross road helmet with versatility of use.

The outer shell comes in various sizes or sizes and is made of a composite of three fiberglass fibers, Kevlar and carbon, guaranteed resistance and safety. The helmet has a double anti-turbulence collar integrated in the back, a removable chin guard and a double buckle closure system, aspects that reinforce the safety parameters of this model.

The interior EPS is developed in different densities, which favors the absorption of impacts in the event of any type of collision and the padding of the inner shell is removable and washable and developed with antiallergic, breathable material and with antibacterial santized treatment .

This helmet has a ventilation system made up of several air intakes, all with closing and opening options, two of them located in the front part of the shell, one located in the chin area and another in the upper part of the helmet. helmet, in addition to another exit at the rear of the team.

The Force One has a clear and transparent screen with anti-scratch and pinlock systemserial. The screen is characterized by its wide field of vision that is easy and quick to disassemble, without the use of tools. In addition, the screen has a solar viewer that can be operated from the outside.

Blauer is the most elegant American vintage brand and at AG10Moto we offer you several models with which you can add a touch to your style.