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HJC motorcycle helmets

HJC helmets for experienced and demanding pilots like you. Maximum quality with exceptional performance to guarantee the safety and comfort you need while riding your motorcycle. In AG10Moto you will find the right model for your style. 

The HJC brand started manufacturing motorcycle helmets in France in 1971 and today it has 24 different models of helmets, one of the widest ranges on the market. It is a house of great renown, with high quality products. An HJC helmet is well equipped, safe, light and comfortable. 

An HJC motorcycle helmetcombines high quality, research, design and technology, with high safety ranges and exceptional performance. They are helmets made by hand by qualified personnel, which guarantees the care and dedication invested in each team. The house has two factories, one in Vietnam and the other in South Korea where more than a million helmets are produced per year.

HJC helmets, whether it is for competition or utility riding, are developed under exhaustive controls for aerodynamics, comfort and safety. The behavior of these teams at 200 km is pure balance. Each HCJ helmet model improves its ventilation, stability and acoustic insulation parameters with each edition. Excellent aerodynamics, a sober and elegant design and the quality of materials used in their manufacture make the HJC a good alternative to equipment. 

A leading brand, with character, for demanding pilots who know what they want.

Types of HJC helmets

The most advanced technological prowess applied to the aesthetics and aerodynamic design of the helmet, whether integral, flip-up or jet, defines the HJC helmet models. They stand out with their cross and snow models , but they are not far behind with the types of helmets most used by track, road and city utilities.

  • Flip-up helmets.

The helmets HJC folding

Looking for a multipurpose, versatile and with a defined profile team touring ? The HJCs are designed for riders who like to spend hours on their motorbike and enjoy endless routes. Comfort is one of the main characteristics of these helmets, in addition to their lightness. 

The Modular HJC helmets are teams that stand for safety, comfort, aerodynamics, be lighter despite having mentonera, performance and sophisticated design. In addition, they have good acoustic control, an exceptional ventilation system and a screen of the best that you can find in the market. Everything a pilot needs to protect his head and enjoy the route.

At first glance, the differences between a flip-up helmet and a full face helmet are not many, although really, the mobile chin guard of the modular equipment defines the big difference. A modular helmet allows interaction with other people, simply by opening the chin guard you can communicate without having to remove the helmet.

  • Integral helmets.

The HJC full face helmets . offer complete protection. This house has a wide range of models of proven quality with various versions and finishes adapted to the different types of piloting and the personal tastes of each pilot. 

HJC develops shells with demanding safety controls which guarantee that wearing a full face helmet from this brand provides excellent protection. The quality and the good work is remarkable. 

There are numerous models, designs and aesthetics of HJC full face helmets, you will not be left with the desire, surely there is one according to your needs and tastes.

  • Jet helmets.

The helmets HJC jet, urban and sporty style, with a variety of designs and aesthetic to achieve a more versatile and free riding. We can highlight models such as the HJC FG, the IS-33II, the i40 and the V30, good visibility is guaranteed.

HJC Helmet Materials

The components of an HJC helmet make a difference, technological advances and applied research manage to differentiate this house with exceptional ranges of comfort and safety. 

HJC helmets are made up, like the vast majority, of an outer shell, aerodynamic accessories, inner shell and EPS, retention system, visor, ventilation and interior elements. In the center of this house, all of great quality.

  • Interior of an HJC.

There are several elements that we can highlight from the inside of an HJC helmet, the technology applied to the fabrics and accessories guarantee that these equipment provide outstanding comfort parameters, with adapted, removable and washable padding. 

HJCs usually have a Multicool system , with three differentiated textile finishes, each with a specific functionality. The textile composition of the cheek area optimizes sensitivity and comfort while riding, while the padding that covers the upper part of the shell combines a good fit with excellent breathability. Finally, the upper padding works as an evacuation system for condensed sweat and moisture from the inside of the helmet.

The padding of these helmets incorporate reflective areas and have a rubber crown that prevents water from entering the inside of the shell when it rains. They have a quick extraction mechanism for the side padding in case of emergency and many models have nose and chin covers as standard. The helmet’s ventilation system is another parameter that the brand cares about with great care, having several air inlets and outlets along the entire shell.

The brand takes care of the design of the helmet and its interiors with care and detail. A comfortable ride is very important for riders who like to enjoy their motorcycle for hours and those who want to feel comfortable inside a helmet. Values ​​such as interior temperature, the pressure caused by the shell on the head, humidity and even sensitivity towards materials define the comfort level of a helmet.

  • Outer shell of an HJC.

The main materials used in the manufacture of the outer shells of the HJC helmets are various, all of them resistant and approved in terms of safety. 

While other brands rely mainly on unsaturated polyester resins and common fiberglass, HJC combines more up-to-date and higher-quality materials such as super fibers, with the brand’s exclusive PIM technology, which offer superior performance in terms of to the absorption of impacts and the lightness, resistance and elasticity of the pieces. 

The injected thermoplastic and fiberglass are not used by the brand in the manufacture of their helmet shells. They are fiber composites, a combination of several materials such as glass, carbon and Kevlar those who star in the performance of HJC helmets.

  • HJC Latches and Visors:

With regard to helmet retention systems, there are two types of closures: the micrometric, very characteristic in modular and jet helmets, and the double-D or double-D, stainless steel and self-locking closure, which is the safest. HJC usually resorts to the double ring, sportiness and the taste for experienced piloting must have the safest accessories. 

HJC vision screens are made, to a greater extent, with materials treated against scratches and anti-fog, for a safer and more professional piloting. They also usually have an integrated photochromic pinlock system that guarantees a higher quality of vision and an integrated sun visor. Some models have the RapidFire mechanism that allows the screen to be assembled and disassembled quickly and without the need for tools.

HJC Models


The HJC RPHA 11 helmet replaces its predecessor RPHA 10 and has several elements that differentiate it from its predecessor, a new ventilation system, improvements in safety and aerodynamics and an optimized field of vision. 

The outer shell of the helmet is manufactured according to PIM + technology, a composition of three fibers of high resistance and elasticity. The closure system is double buckle and the visor offers a wide field of view and incorporates a light and dark visor with Tear off and pinlock supports , with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment and an automated Rapid Fire closure system . 

The interior of this model has a padding manufactured according to the Multicool system, with three types of textile finishes of different functionality. It is a well-waterproofed interior from the exterior and with excellent acoustic insulation, it also includes a nose and chin cover. 

The ventilation system stands out for its superiority, several air intakes make it possible to absorb a greater flow of air and the ducts have been widened to optimize the system. The mechanisms for opening and closing the air intakes and the outlets facilitate the process, with an on-off mechanism and another with 7 different wheel positions. Comfort is guaranteed.


The HJC 90 RPHA 90 helmet is a top-of-the-range modular helmet from HJC, very versatile and functional with an advanced ventilation system, a super comfortable interior with Multicoolpadding , a Pinlock anti-fog wide vision screen and an integrated sun visor, in addition to other features that we will see below and that will surprise you.

The outer shell of the helmet is manufactured according to PIM + technology, a composition of three highly resistant and elastic fibers, carbon fiber and hybrid fiberglass; This material provides lightness and great protection against impacts. The shell has 2 sizes to better adapt its fit. The closure system is micrometric, made of stainless steel and with a reinforced closure strap. The Smarth Bluetooth by Cardo communication system can be incorporated , which is purchased separately. 

The interior of this model has a padding manufactured according to the Multicool system, with three types of textile finishes of different functionality: the padding that covers the sensitive and comfortable cheeks, the textile that surrounds the upper part of the head that achieves an optimal fit with correct perspiration and the upper padding that favors the extraction of the condensation. It is a well-waterproofed interior from the exterior and with excellent acoustic insulation, it also includes a nose and chin cover. 

The helmet’s ventilation system has an air inlet in the chin area, another in the upper part of the shell and an adjustable outlet. Between all of them, the extraction of hot air and the entry of fresh air are guaranteed.

The RPHA90 has a wide field of view screen that offers excellent peripheral panoramic, with anti-scratch, anti-fog treatment and integrated sun visor. It incorporates pinlock as standard and the RapidFire 3 system that facilitates the assembly and disassembly of the screen quickly and manually.

At AG10Moto we offer you a wide catalog of HJC helmets so that you can assess which is the one that best suits your needs. Here you will find your helmet!