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LS2 motorcycle helmets

The helmets LS2 make a difference for their high performance at an unbeatable price. In AG10Moto you will find the model that best suits your driving needs. 

The LS2 brand was founded in China by Arthur Liao more than 25 years ago. He began working nationally and quickly began to expand his productivity internationally. For many years he worked under the MHR label and gained great prestige throughout the world. The brand is defined by technologically advanced manufacturing and a versatile range of helmets, with varied qualities and prices. For all tastes and pockets. 

The LS2 motorcycle helmetIt is one of the main brands in the market and since the beginning of the 21st century it has had a headquarters in Spain. Over the years they have achieved a balance between quality and price that make them an interesting alternative for many motorcycle utility vehicles. 

LS2 helmets stand out for their competitive price and a vast catalog of models, where you can find full-face, flip-up, jet, cross and many more. In addition to having a great variety depending on the type of use, a multitude of finishes and graphics also work, so you can find very affordable helmets and high-end helmets, even for competition. 

An accessible brand, with variety, for all types of driving, tastes and spending preferences.

LS2 helmet types

Chinese technological innovation and research applied to the manufacture of helmets of all kinds with different profiles, styles, finishes and prices, is the philosophy of LS2’s work. We will not highlight some types of helmets above others or some features more than others, but we will give you a joint vision of the most notable of the brand and the most cutting-edge models.

  • Flip up helmets

Is your ideal helmet a versatile team with a clear touring profile ? The LS2 flip-up helmets are designed for pilots who like to spend hours touring the world and enjoying the kilometers. Comfort is one of the main characteristics of these helmets, in addition to their lightness. 

The helmets modular LS2 are teams that stand out as being safe, comfortable, to enjoy proper aerodynamics for performance and the multitude of options finishes its sophisticated design. The acoustic control system is usually optimal if the aerodynamics achieves it, the ventilation is also very elaborate and the screens provide a wide field of vision with accessories that guarantee good optics.

The movable chin guard of modular helmets is the main differentiating factor compared to a full face helmet and a jet. A modular helmet facilitates communication with other people and allows you to wear it open in town.

  • Integral helmets.

The full-face LS2 helmets . offer complete protection. If you are looking for a helmet from this brand that gives you protection above all else, your helmet is full. This house has a wide range of models and finishes, so it will be easy to find one that suits your preferences and needs. 

At the top of the LS2 helmets are the competition models, although defining a categorization by model range is complicated, since all kinds of varieties and types of helmets work within the middle segment. 

Surely there is a comprehensive LS2 for you, you have a choice.

  • Jet helmets.

The LS2 jet helmets, urban style with various finishes, from more retro to more sporty designs, there is something for all tastes. Of course, all of them are characterized by providing large doses of freedom during driving.

LS2 helmet materials

The components of an LS2 helmet provide safety and comfort. Technological advances and applied research manage to provide an excellent value for money to these equipment. 

LS2 helmets are made up, like the vast majority, of an outer shell, aerodynamic accessories, an inner shell and EPS, a retention system, a visor, ventilation and interior elements. We dig a little deeper into it below.

  • Interior of an LS2.

There are some elements that we can highlight from the interior of an LS2 helmet, the technology applied to the fabrics provides good comfort. 

LS2s have removable and washable liners as well as breathable, hypoallergenic and laser-finished padding. The EPS has multi-density padding and has a collar. They have an anti-wind system. 

The ventilation system favors air circulation inside the helmet, with two main channeling areas, the front and the upper.

A comfortable ride is very important for riders who like to enjoy their motorcycle for hours Values ​​such as interior temperature, the pressure caused by the shell on the head, humidity and even sensitivity to materials define the comfort level of a motorcycle. helmet.

  • Outer shell of an LS2.

The main materials used in the manufacture of the outer shells of LS2 helmets are fibers, all of which are resistant and approved for safety. 

LS2 helmets are made of fiberglass, carbon fiber or a polycarbonate alloy that offer the shells good qualities in terms of protection range.

  • LS2 Latches and Visors:

With regard to helmet retention systems, there are two types of closures: the micrometric, very characteristic in modular and jet helmets, which is very practical but not the safest, and the double buckle or double D, made of stainless steel and with self-locking, which is the safest. LS2 usually uses a reinforced steel quick-release retention on the chin guard. 

The LS2 visor is integrated into a double visor system with a scratch-resistant, quick-release mechanism, with an anti-UV filter and pinlock as standard. 

At AG10Moto we give you access to a catalog with various models of LS2 helmets. Check it out.

LS2 Models

LS2 FF399

The LS2 FF399 helmet is a modular helmet characterized by its versatility. It is a helmet made of an innovative polymer alloy (KPA). It has a screen with Max Vision pinlock as standard and an integrated sun visor. There is the alternative of installing a Linkin Ride Pal 3 intercom , which is purchased separately. 

The shell is made of Kinetic Polymer Alloy , a combination of polymers that provides robustness and good shock absorption in the event of an accident. It has two different sizes for a better size fit. The chin guard is very practical and has a 180º oscillation. 

The FF399’s display is clear and transparent, made from Lexaninjected and with anti-scratch treatment. It also has interior UV sun protection and the possibility of applying Pinlock Max Vision, which is included. The visor extraction system is practical and fast. Functionality first. 

The ventilation system has front on-off air inlets and outlets in the upper part and in the chin guard area, in addition to the rear ones, which promote proper air circulation. 

The interior of the helmet is developed with breathable and antibacterial fabric, removable and washable, in addition to laser finishing to improve ergonomics. It also has a chin cover as standard. The retention system is micrometric closure and as a safety plus it has some reflective on the collar.

The homologation of this model is P / J (Integral and Jet), dual use for greater versatility. Comfort is guaranteed

LS2 FF327

The LS2 FF327 helmet is an integral equipment ideal for the practice of sport-touring with a clearly sporty design. The manufacturing materials are 3 fibers (HPFC) that work in combination. It is a helmet that has the latest technological advances of the house, adopted from the competition range. It has a pinlock screen as standard and an integrated sun visor. In terms of security, we can also highlight its padding extraction system in an emergency. It is possible to install the Linkin Ride Pal intercom , which does not come standard.

The shell is made of HPFC and the EPS has padding with various channeled densities. We have three shell sizes for a more effective size adjustment. The interior is developed with breathable, antibacterial fabric and is removable and washable, it is also outlined with a laser, which guarantees its excellent ergonomics. 

The helmet has a collar with reflective elements for greater safety, nose and chin covers. The retention system is a micrometric closure with a steel buckle and reinforced strap. Its ventilation system is made up of several adjustable air inlets, located in the upper part and in the chin area, and the air outlets are aesthetically integrated into the design of the helmet at the back of the shell.

The FF327 has a clear and transparent polycarbonate screen with Racing line, which has anti-scratch treatment and anti UV protection. The field of view offered by this viewfinder is wide and lateral. The Pinlock Max Vision anti-fog sheet comes standard and can incorporate tear-offs , which you can purchase separately. In addition, the screen has a quick extraction system, which facilitates the assembly and disassembly of the viewfinder.

At AG10Moto we offer you a varied catalog of SL2 helmets so that you can assess which is the one that best suits your needs. Here you will find your helmet!