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Scorpion motorcycle helmets

Scorpion helmets for off-road pilots, a wide variety of models at the best price. In AG10Motoyou have a choice. 

The Scorpion brand is French and today it is consolidated in the European market as one of the most powerful brands. It presents a very dynamic line, with helmets that seek the safety and comfort of the rider. Very neat aesthetic lines and wide range, from professional and sportier to off-road , all with good value for money. 

Scorpion motorcycle helmet combines protection, research and design to respond to off-road models. A leading brand, with character, for adventurous pilots.

Types of Scorpion helmets

If the Scorpion brand has conquered you for its technological incorporations and the accessories of its helmets, you only have to assess what type of helmet best suits your needs. Look at what each type of helmet can bring you, since a full face helmet is not the same as a flip-up or a jet. Try to choose versatility if you want a versatile helmet or a very specific one if you only want it for a specific ride.

  • Flip-up helmets.

The flip-up Scorpion helmets are designed to make it easier to ride long journeys and enjoy endless routes. Although this aspect is not at odds with the urban opportunity that a folding can offer. The versatility between a sport touring and a jet defines this type of helmet. 

The helmets modular Scorpion are pieces that stand for safety, comfort and good performance. Everything a pilot needs in terms of safety to enjoy the route.

The differences between a flip-up helmet and a full face helmet seem not to be many, the main one being that the chin guard is mobile in modular equipment. A flip-up helmet allows interaction with other people, simply by opening the chin guard you can communicate without having to remove the helmet.

  • Integral helmets.

The comprehensive Scorpion helmets are those that provide greater protection, so are ideal for style touring or sport . This house has a wide range of models with different versions and finishes adapted to different types of piloting and the personal tastes of each utility vehicle. 

Scorpion manufactures helmets with stringent safety controls, ensuring that wearing full-size gear from this brand provides outstanding protection. The most important thing in a helmet is safety. 

There are many designs and aesthetics of Scorpion full face helmets, you will have a choice.

  • Jet helmets.

The helmets Scorpion jet feature a classic urban style with some really interesting designs and tailored to the needs of the city environment, provide good visibility and are safe in that environment.

Scorpion helmet materials

The components of a Scorpion helmet mark and define the ability of the horse in terms of quality and performance. Technological advances and innovation have made this brand stand out in several aspects, which we will see below. 

The components of any helmet, including the Scorpion are the outer shell, the aerodynamic accessories, the inner shell and EPS, the retention system, the visor and the screen, the ventilation elements and other accessories that complement the design and functionalities of the team.

  • Interior of a Scorpion.

There are several elements that we can highlight from the inside of a Scorpion helmet, the technology applied to the fabrics and accessories guarantee that these equipment provide good comfort parameters, with adapted, removable and washable and hypoallergenic padding. 

Scorpions usually have Kwikwick3 interior padding with Airfit system, with three different textile finishes, each with a specific functionality. The textile composition of the cheek area optimizes sensitivity and comfort while riding, while the padding that covers the upper part of the shell combines a good fit with excellent breathability. Finally, the upper padding works as an evacuation system for condensed sweat and moisture from the inside of the helmet. 

Feeling comfortable inside a helmet is a parameter to consider, since the rider’s resolution with respect to driving depends to a large extent on it. Caring for the inside of a helmet is protecting the rider.

  • Outer shell of a Scorpion.

The main materials used in the manufacture of the outer shells of Scorpion helmets are various, all of them resistant and approved in terms of safety, although we highlight the Ultra TCT(Thermodynamical Composite Technology) compound , a combination of several fibers that gives the highest-end helmets of the brand with maximum resistance to possible impacts, as well as great lightness.

  • Scorpion fasteners and visors:

Scorpion has two types of retention systems in helmets: the micrometric, very characteristic in modular and jet helmets, which is very practical and easy to handle, and the double buckle, more common in full-face helmets with more sporty riding styles. or touring , with stainless steel finishes and self-locking; double D is the safest. 

Scorpion vision screens are made, to a greater extent, with materials treated against scratches and are anti-fog, for a safer and more professional piloting. They also usually have the photochromic pinlock system integrated that guarantees a higher quality of vision, in addition to the sun visor. Some models have the Ellip-Tec mechanismthat allows the screen to be assembled and disassembled quickly and without the need for tools. 

In AG10Moto you can see several models of Scorpion helmets with different features and characteristics. Take a look at the catalog.

Scorpion Models

Scorpion Exo 1400 Air

The Scorpion Exo 1400 Air helmet is a top-of-the-range full-face helmet from the brand with sport touring style . It stands out for its lightness, sporty aesthetics and acoustic protection. It replaces its predecessor 1200 Air and improves ventilation and the vision system. 

The outer shell of the helmet is made with Ultra TCT (Thermodynamical Composite Technology) fiberglass technology with outstanding and contrasted levels of protection. This system allows absorbing the force of the impact while maintaining the structure of the solid shell. There is also a Carbon version , in carbon fiber, even lighter. The shell has three sizes to respond adapted to the different sizes.

The interior of this model has a padding manufactured according to the Kwikwick3 system and with antiallergic treatment, with three types of textile finishes with different functionality, all removable and washable. The padding also has an Airfit system that allows the different segments to be inflated and deflated to adapt them to the rider’s face and provide the shell with greater comfort. 

The ventilation system of this model is more sophisticated than in the previous version and stands out for having two air inlets, one at the front on the chin guard and the other at the top. In the spoilerrear there are two outlet holes that complement the air circulation. The aerodynamics are excellent and this model offers great tightness and controlled acoustics. Thanks to the Ellip Tecsystem , which intervenes in the extraction and docking of the screen, we do not need tools. 

The retention system is a double ring closure in stainless steel and titanium. The helmet also has a chin cover and a nose cover that, in addition to protecting, help to minimize outside noise, as does the emergency extraction system of the side padding. 

The Exo 1400 Air is a versatile and innovative helmet with an adequate value for money.

Scorpion Exo Tech

The Scorpion Exo Tech helmet is a very versatile and functional modular helmet, ideal for moving around the city. Comfortable equipment with double P / J homologation for use in Jet mode. 

The outer shell of the helmet is made of an advanced polycarbonate compound and has two sizes to fit all sizes ranging from Xs to XL. The opening system is very easy, even while underway and the chin guard has a rotation of almost 180º, which allows it to be attached to the back of the helmet and optimizes the aerodynamics of the helmet. 

This model has an integrated sun visor with anti-fog and anti- scratch treatment, as well as pinlockStandard built into the screen, which has a wide field of view. The ventilation system has several air inlets, on the front through the chin guard and on the top, all easy to use, even with gloves. 

The interior of this model has a very soft, comfortable and antiallergic padding, as well as removable and washable, with an easy-to-use micrometric closure retention system, agile opening and strong grip. 

The Exo Tech is a helmet that meets the expectations of a user who wants a practical and comfortable helmet, who is looking for functionality without complications.

At AG10Moto we offer you a catalog where you can see various models of Scorpion helmets and assess which one best suits your needs. Here you will find your Scorpion helmet model!