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X-Lite motorcycle helmets

X-lite helmets the maximum power in carbon fiber helmets, innovation and quality at the service of the most demanding pilots. Leading technology in AG10Moto , choose yours. 

The X-Lite brand started manufacturing motorcycle helmets in 1972 in Italy. Brand specialized in the production of helmets made of composite fibers and pioneers in the development of flip-up helmets with the Nolan group, to which they belong. 

They stand out for work criteria based on safety and quality. Their innovations in communication, working with N-Com and other technologies differentiate them. 

An X-lite motorcycle helmetcombines technology, design and innovation in favor of safety, excellence in performance and differentiating finishes. and excellent performance. A brand with personality and decisive aesthetics for demanding pilots.

Types of X-Lite helmets

The helmets X-lite meet the parameters of technological effectiveness and the latest standards in design when making any of the different types of helmets work, whether integral, folding or jet.

  • Flip-up helmets.

The folding X-lite helmets

A versatile helmet with a clear touring predisposition , with the advantages of a jet and a plus in safety, the folding X-lite helmets are a good option. A helmet designed for weekend riders on the road and day-to-day in the city. 

If you want a helmet to route and that also responds to you in the city, your team is the folding one, almost an all in one. The X-lite modular helmets are safe, comfortable, with a relatively lightweight, highly efficient aerodynamic line with high performance and designs to suit all tastes.

  • Integral helmets.

The full-face X-lite helmets offer the most complete protection, the closed shells are safer and are the ideal equipment for on-road and sporty driving . 

At the top of the helmets, the X-Lite helmets are the competition models, to later highlight the sports models, in the same line but more prepared for off-road use. After them, the tourist models stand out for their comfort and their adaptation to long routes. Finally, the brand also has off roadhelmets and jet helmets. 

The styles and finishes of the X-Lite full face helmets are varied, choose your design and adapt it to your riding style. You will have a quality helmet.

  • Jet helmets.

The X-lite jet helmets, sober and balanced urban style. Pure vintage aesthetics to give a special touch to your driving through the city.

X-Lite helmet materials

X-Lite helmets are made up of an outer shell, aerodynamic accessories, an inner shell or EPS, a retention system, visor and screen, ventilation and interior elements.

  • Interior of an X-lite.

The interior of an X-Lite ensures comfort and a proper fit from the rider’s head to the shell. Technological advances in fabrics and accessories have optimized the comfort of the padding of the inner shell, using systems such as the Carbon Fitting Racing Experience that provides breathability, thermo-regulation, is antistatic, antiallergic and 100% natural. The padding, due to its type of fabric, favors the ventilation of the inner shell.

  • Outer shell of an X-lite.

There are various manufacturing materials for the outer shells of the helmets, all of them resistant and approved in terms of safety. X-Lite usually uses fiber combinations that provide great resistance. Next, we show you the main materials with which the helmets are made. 

– Injected thermo plastic: it is the simplest and most economical material, it is polycarbonate and ABS. After five years, the helmet must be replaced, since the impact absorption capacity, at a single point, is reduced. 

– Fiberglass: it is reinforced resin, the material that best absorbs impacts, which in this case is distributed over the entire surface of the helmet. They are very light. 

– Fiber composites: a combination of various materials such as glass, carbon, and kevlar. It is used in high-end helmets and provides greater reinforcement to the cervical area. 

– Carbon fiber and Kevlar : the lightest and most resistant material. The most exclusive helmets are made with it, especially it is used in competition.

  • X-lite Latches and Visors:

There are two types of helmet closures, the micrometric one that is easy to use and very characteristic in modular and jet helmets and the double buckle system, made of stainless steel and with self-locking, which is safer and ideal for use. more aggressive driving or those on road . 

Screens and visors are usually made of materials with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment, in addition to incorporating photochromic pinlock foil , in order to achieve a higher quality of vision.

X-Lite helmet models

Next, we present several models of X-Lite helmets, which stand out for their quality, a great design and their great features.

X-Lite X-551 GT.

X-lite X-551 GT is a folding that allows us to enjoy the track without giving up touring comfort . 

The outer shell is made of a composite of carbon, keblar and glass fibers , a combination used in other high-performance helmets in the house. 

The helmet has a removable off-road visor to be able to ride like any full face. You can also remove the screen and use the glasses. The aerodynamic lines are adjusted to highway speeds thanks to the rear and side spoilers . The ventilation system is correct, presenting several air inlets and outlets.

This dual helmet model has a removable visor by means of three plastic screws that allow you to adjust its height. The screen is wide with anti- scratch treatment, pinlock and also removable, in addition to having an integrated easy-to- operate sun visor. 

The interior of the shell has thick, comfortable padding, all removable and washable with leather included in the base. The closure is double ring, the safest. 

A versatile helmet with an off road look .


The X-lite JET X-201 ULTRA CARBON helmet is a jet model with vintage style, 100% urban line. An attractive team that will attract all eyes. 

The outer shell is made of ultra-light carbon fiber, which shows that the retro look is not incompatible with the latest technological advances. It is a very resistant, light and comfortable helmet. In the shell we can find 5 brackets that serve as anchors for a visor or a protective screen. At the back of the shell we can anchor the harness for vintage-style glasses. None of these accessories comes standard with the helmet. 

The helmet incorporates a double buckle retention system and the inside of the shell features suede and leather padding that offers an excellent touch and optimal ventilation.

Design and freedom with classic aesthetics coupled with the latest innovations. 

At AG10Moto we put at your disposal a catalog where you can find several models of X-Lite helmets. You are sure to find yours.


The X-lite X-1003 ULTRA CARBON helmet is an attractive folding helmet that stands out for its carbon fiber shell and its great lightness, despite incorporating a chin guard. 

The outer shell is developed in a combination of composite fibers and the chin guard has an agile, easy opening system and a double safety system. The retention system is a micrometric closure. 

The inner shell or EPS is completed with padding developed in active carbon fiber textiles, which gives them great thermoregulatory capacity and very good breathability, as well as being antistatic, antibacterial and natural. The helmet has a large screen with a wide field of vision, built-in easy-to- operate sun visor, pinlock and locking system to guarantee the subjection in folding or closed mode.


The X-lite X-802RR ULTRA CARBON helmet is a 100% sporty integral model with a shell developed in a carbon fiber composite that ensures maximum resistance and great lightness. 

It is a helmet that presents a shell with three different sizes to respond to the different sizes and its ventilation system is designed under the Raf ( Raisinf Air Floor ) concept that creates more efficient air circulation during sporty driving. At the top there are three air inlets and one in the chin guard, all with an on off opening and closing mechanism., as well as an exit point at the rear through a dual-position spoiler that together with another in the chin area improves the aerodynamics of the helmet. 

The screen of this model is made of Lexan plastic, a very resistant material with anti- scratchtreatment and with standard pinlock . The field of vision is very wide and the screen closure is on the side with a double on-off button , as well as being easy to remove. The hull insulation is excellent and it is a very tight hull. 

The interior of this model has padding with Carbon Fiiting systemof active carbon filaments, 100% natural and anti-pollution. The thickness and distribution of the perforated mesh fabric provide excellent support and promote ventilation. The closure system is double buckle. 

A top-of-the-range, handcrafted helmet from the Nolan group. An excellent X-Lite bet.

At AG10Moto we put at your disposal a catalog where you can find several models of X-Lite helmets. You are sure to find yours.