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Arai motorcycle helmets

Arai helmets craftsmanship and quality for a comfortable and safe ride. In AG10Moto you willfind a model adapted to your preferences at the best price.

Arai is Japanese and for almost half a century has been dedicated to developing helmets with high quality control rates, this brand prioritizes safety.

The Arai brand designs very resistant housings, which are subjected to rigorous quality controls. Their helmets have great prestige and renown in the world of motorcycling and especially in that of road motorcycles.

Arai has set the goal of developing the best helmets, the number 1 helmets on the market, but the best, in what? Arai helmets are good in many aspects, their quality is evident, although they stand out for their reliability and their high degree of safety.

An Arai motorcycle helmet defines its quality through its degree of protection, dispensed with the resistance, aerodynamics and design of its shell. Innovation is one of the strengths of the house and applied to the standards of safety, performance and benefits, make the Arai outstanding teams.

Types of Arai helmets

Advanced technology and innovation carried out in the highest quest for quality mean that motorcycle equipment today has exceptional structural and aerodynamic characteristics for all types of helmets and riding.

  • Flip-up helmets.

The helmets Arai folding are multipurpose, seeking camouflaging the obvious advantages of an open helmet safety and comfort of the tourist. If you like adventures on the road and also enjoy your motorcycle in the city, Arai modular are a good option for you. The prestige of this house and the qualities it puts into play when making its equipment, make piloting with or without chin guard comfortable and practical.

The modular Arai helmets will respond to the most touring bikers, facilitating on-road ridingkm by km, with the plus of having a helmet ready to circulate in the city and on quiet roads in one click. Feeling more free with security, comfort and enjoying the best benefits is possible. Protection and adventure, all in one.

  • Integral helmets.

The Arai helmets integrals are mythical, safer road driving and precise, enjoy endless routes with the best performance and comfort are issues that continue to differentiate this brand.

The artisanal manufacture is already a guarantee in itself of what a helmet that has had detailed supervision throughout its manufacturing process can bring you. Care and care to preserve the values ​​of the brand at the same time as to apply the most advanced technology in its designs in the most precise way.

Knowledge in motorcycling to develop helmets considered one of the best in the world, this is what defines Arai and his full face helmets.

  • Jet helmets.

The Arai helmets jet, bike urban par excellence. The most custom and vintage designs to enjoy the city from the motorcycle. Arai has jet models that will mark a new style.

Arai helmet materials

The elements of an Arai helmet define the quality of the brand, safety, comfort, aerodynamics, versatility capacity, in short, the best materials for the top of the range.

  • Interior of an Arai.

The absolute comfort of Arai helmets is achieved thanks to their balanced interiors designed for competition pilots and brought to the touring segment with the highest demands. The latest generation padding of the inner shell, removable, washable and adapted to the needs of the most sensitive skins, guarantees comfort taken to the highest level. Finding your balance within an Arai helmet is easy.

  • Outer shell of an Arai.

Arai uses up to 5 different shell sizes in some helmet models, which facilitates an almost millimetric adaptation of the helmet to the pilot, without resorting to moldable padding, but to adjustable sizes.

The materials that largely define the hardness and resistance of an Arai helmet are super laminated fibers, such as SFL or PB-cLc2. The safety of the outer shell is characterized by the materials used in its manufacture, the design and the technology applied in the process. Arai has been working for years in the search for the ideal calculation of values ​​that can provide greater protection to the shells, being the deviation of impacts an issue around which next modeling strategies are marked.

  • Arai fasteners and visors:

The micrometric closure is a system of the most used in all types of helmets, but it must be emphasized that the safest retention system is the double buckle with stainless steel finishes.

Arai visors adapt to different helmet models, providing them with quality of vision and advanced operating systems to achieve a more comfortable and safe riding.

Arai Models

Now, we are going to present you several models of Arai helmets, with very remarkable features and designs to enjoy off-road riding.

Arai TOUR-X 4

The Arai TOUR-X 4 helmet is a full-face cross- style helmet for enduro, although very versatile in use, it adapts to all types of terrain. The best companion to live your best adventures, an off-road helmet, grand touring or adventure. It can be used with and without a visor, depending on riding needs and style.

This helmet has a great design and is very suitable for trail use , although the ideal is to enjoy all its quality in its different facets. It has a good ventilation system and an exceptional visor.

Arai RX-7

The Arai RX-7 helmet takes another level, pure technology in a high-end motorcycle helmet with a sporty style. It has an outer shell made of PB-SNC2, a variable axis system to improve the functionality of the visor, interiors with antibacterial fabric and a ventilation system with integrated air channels, all of which guarantee your safety. The aerodynamics have been carefully studied, the helmet has an adjustable rear spoiler and another on the chin guard.

The screen offers excellent peripheral vision and maintains the helmet’s tightness excellently. The padding is rigid and resistant, removable and washable. All this, with a buckle closure system that guarantees safety in sporty riding.


The Arai REBEL helmet is a full face helmet designed for a naked riding style , that is, without protection against the wind and in an upright position. Trying to offer greater comfort to the pilot, the helmet includes a chin piece that favors the aerodynamic performance of the helmet. It is a model without a fairing, which presents a very attractive retro aesthetic for all cafe racer lovers 

The outer shell of this helmet is very resistant and is made of super laminated fiber and has an Adsis screen with a wide field of vision with pinlockstandard and easy to remove. It has an FCS system with padding in the lower area of ​​the chin and cheekbones for greater comfort and stability, in addition they are all removable, washable and with a Peel Away system , which adapts the side interiors to the rider’s features The ventilation system allows effective air circulation and the closure system is double buckle. Enjoy a custom ride with this good travel companion.


The Arai CHAVER-V helmet is a mid-range sports integral, although this means that it is much superior to other models in the same segment and from other brands where the qualities are lower than those of this super brand of motorcycle equipment.

Its sporty style is evident, but at the same time it is more versatile for other uses than some other sports models of the brand. Thus, using it as a touring or in the city is feasible.

The outer shell is very resistant and rigid, made of super SFL fibers and with a multiple density EPS, safety and lightness in the same piece. The ventilation system stands out for the air channels in the upper part of the helmet and all of them together with the spoilersAerodynamic elements detach in the event of an impact to provide greater protection for the shell, an aspect that is part of the design of all Arai helmets. The visor is a super Adsis with a wide field of view, a high soundproofing capacity and equipped with the easy-to- remove Lever Release system .

The inside of the helmet stands out for its micro-perforated padding and adaptable to the appearance of the rider’s face, to make sporty driving more comfortable. The closure is double ring and the helmet has graphics according to its sporty style.

Arai is a super brand in the motorcycle sector and at AG10Moto we have a catalog with the most outstanding models.