Schuberth motorcycle helmets

Schuberth helmets craftsmanship and know-how with high quality and safety standards. In AG10Moto you will find your model.

Schuberth has been manufacturing versatile and high-performance helmets in Germany since the 1950s. The elaboration of their equipment is handmade and the aesthetics are taken care of to the maximum. Safety, professionalism and quality characterize the helmets of this brand.

Schuberth motorcycle helmet combines research, creativity and technology with ambitious safety ranges and excellent performance. A brand with character and a decisive design for demanding pilots.

Types of Schuberth helmets

The motorcycle helmets Schuberth seek perfection and they take care of every detail through the manual processing coupled with the application of more advanced technology.

If you are a demanding, adventurous driver who likes challenges and dares to take on all kinds of routes with a Shuberth helmet, you will have your ideal companion. They are equipment that meets the parameters of technological effectiveness and the latest standards in design, whether integral, folding or jet.

  • Flip-up Schuberth helmets.

If you want a good, versatile team that will serve you both on a day-to-day basis and to enjoy the most demanding routes, your alternative is the flip-up helmet. Versatility, comfort and practicality, with a clear touring predisposition, finds its ideal in the modular Shuberth. Helmets designed to provide safety, comfort and high quality standards.

If you like an all-in-one, if you want a helmet to route and that also responds to you in the city, your team is the folding one. The Schuberth helmets modularThey stand out for their reduced weight shell and excellent stability issues. High technology in the interior, with a very efficient aerodynamic line, high performance and sober and exclusive designs. Everything you need to protect your head on the road and in the city can be provided by a modular from the Shuberth house.

  • Integral helmets.

The whole Schuberth helmets  provide full protection levels for all types of riding. The brand develops comprehensive lines of high quality and whose prestige is known in the great segment of the motor world.

Schuberth helmets make the difference in terms of safety and their qualities endow the entire helmet with excellence. The exterior, the aerodynamics, the internal shell, the padding, the ventilation system, the design, everything in a full-face helmet of this house is pampered from the beginning of its development until it reaches the hands of the pilot.

The designs and styles of the Schuberth full face helmets are sober, elegant lines, in short, German. They don’t need much more than their appearance quality to stand out.

  • Jet helmets.

The helmets Schuberth jet, urban style minimalist and balanced. Give freedom to your daily urban instinct with the elegance of a safe and high-performance helmet.

Schuberth helmet materials

The elements and materials that shape a Schuberth helmet are those that really mark the degree of safety, reliability, comfort level and finishes. Therefore, below, we will focus on the main materials that make up the helmets of this brand and how their quality variables depend on it.

Schubert helmets are made up of an outer shell, various accessories that reinforce the aerodynamic design of the piece, inner shell and EPS, retention or closure system, screen and visor, elements of the ventilation system and interior equipment.

  • Interior of a Schuberth.

The interior of a Schuberth guarantees the maximum comfort of the helmet, in addition to adjusting the shell structure appropriately to the rider’s head, a very important aspect for the driver’s safety and well-being. The technology applied in the type of textile and the finishes of the interior padding optimize the comfort capacity of the internal shell of the equipment. Latest generation padding, usually in foam rubber, that adapt to the appearance of the rider’s face and are removable and washable, as well as breathable and treated to provide good sensations to the skin. The sizes of the shells are variable to adapt to the different sizes.

  • Outer shell of a Schuberth.

The manufacturing materials for the outer shells of motorcycling helmets can be various, all of them resistant and approved in terms of safety. Schuberth tends to use a special hard plastic matrix designed by the brand itself and reinforced by glass fibers. Next, we explain what are the materials that can be used in the manufacture of helmets.

– Injected thermo plastic: it is the simplest and most economical material, it is polycarbonate and ABS. After five years, the helmet must be replaced, since the impact absorption capacity, at a single point, is reduced.

– Fiberglass: it is reinforced resin, the material that best absorbs impacts, which in this case is distributed over the entire surface of the helmet. They are very light.

– Fiber composites: a combination of various materials such as glass, carbon and Kevlar . It is used in high-end helmets and provides greater reinforcement to the cervical area.

– Carbon fiber and Kevlar : the lightest and most resistant material. The most exclusive helmets are made with it, especially it is used in competition.

  • Schuberth fasteners and visors:

With regard to the helmet closures there are two types, the micrometric one that is very characteristic in modular and jet helmets that is more practical to handle and the double buckle closure that is very safe and ideal for the most aggressive riding or the on -road .

Vision screens are usually made of materials treated with anti-scratch and anti-fog layers. Schuberth usually incorporate integrated visors with specific protection screens such as the pinlockas standard .

Schuberth models

Next, we present some models of Schuberth helmets, the quality and the good work in design and performance make them stand out.

Schuberth C3.

The Schuberth C3 helmet is the favorite model, par excellence, of the house. A flip-up flip-upwith a sporty, safe, comfortable and highly effective aesthetic, made by hand with high-quality materials. Functionality and protection are the two main features of the C3.

A versatile and practical helmet that responds to both fast riding and long journeys, with an attractive and elegant design. Its certifications allow its use throughout Europe and it has sizes from XS to 3XL.

The highly resistant outer shell is made of fiberglass and resin, has a low weight and is very stable. The EPS has a segmented structure in various densities that gives the shell a greater capacity to absorb forces in the event of a possible impact and thus increases the safety of the equipment.

The inner shell has padding treated with Coolmax that provide optimal temperature conditioning and Interpower to dissipate moisture, as well as being removable and washable. The closure system of the helmet is a micro lock ratchet .

It is a model with excellent aerodynamics, which allows stable and safe driving even at high speeds. The aero acoustics applied classify this helmet as one of the quietest equipment on the market. The ventilation system allows for continuous and adjustable fresh air.

The screen is made of polycarbonate by injection molding and has an anti-scratch system. The visor is clear and transparent with Antifog ready for fogging , guarantees excellent vision and is easily removed by hand. Like many other models in the house, the C3 has reflective patches in the cervical area. Guaranteed security.

Schuberth M1.

The Schuberth M1 helmet is a 100% urban jet model. The Metropolitan One is a very innovative model that has the most outstanding features of the Schuberth integrals in its jet line. It is a new concept of outstanding lightness, with air inlets made of titanium to reduce the weight of the equipment.

The interior consists of removable and washable padding with the built-in underwire system, for greater security. On the inside, we will highlight its SRC communication system, with integrated microphone and headphones. The helmet closure is micrometric.

It is an elegant helmet with avant-garde lines and a wide field of vision, protected by a high-resistance visor with integrated sun visor, with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment and with a quicksystem. perform to remove the screen easily without tools.

Style and innovation in a single jet helmet.

Schuberth RS1.

The Schuberth RS1 helmet is a top of the range of the brand made of high-resistance fiberglass and carbon, strong system , with excellent aerodynamics and very silent. High quality and finishes that border on perfection in a helmet with a clearly sporty line. 

This helmet is very light and has an excellent aerodynamic system that gives the bike greater stability. The ventilation system has two on-off air inlets in the upper part and one in the chin guard. It is a very quiet helmet. 

The inside of the shell is composed of a padding with Coolmax, which guarantees great breathability and excellent comfort for the rider. This helmet has the hoops system to hold the padding to the shell. 

The screen of this helmet has a locking system for greater security, with an easy extraction system. The visor incorporates pinlock . The closure system is double buckle for greater protection. 

The SR1 lives up to the most renowned premium sports helmets.

Schuberth S2.

The Schuberth S2 helmet is a very versatile full-face model, designed for pilots who like long rides at a good pace and who require equipment for regular use. sport touring team with a very comfortable interior, an efficient ventilation system and an integrated sun visor. 

The outer shell is made of Strong , a combination of fibers that guarantee outstanding resistance and great lightness. The shell sizes are two to give adaptability to the different sizes. The inside of the shell has a Comfort Feet padding with a Cool max systemthat provides great comfort and optimal settings. The cervical area has reflectors to ensure greater visibility. 

The design is directly related to the search for the greatest aerodynamic effectiveness. The S2 has a neutral and silent compartment. The ventilation system has two upper air inlets and one on the chin guard and several outlets to ensure good ventilation. 

It has a polycarbonate screen with integrated sun visor treated with an anti- scratch and anti-fog system, with standard pinlock and folding through an easy-to-use mechanical system. It is a fairly hermetic and silent helmet thanks to the special sealing of the house.

The retention system of this Schuberth is double ring which allows a more sporty driving. As a particularity, we highlight that the helmet is prepared to house an RSC Sistem intercom system .

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