Below you can see a selection of frequently asked questions about AG10Moto.

If you don't find the answers to your questions, CONTACT our Customer Service Department and we will solve any doubt that you may have.

How is tailor-made equipment manufactured?

Manufacturing tailor-made equipment takes 4 steps:

  1. Outline Design and Confirmation.
  2. Take Measurements.
  3. Manufacturing Process.
  4. Equipment Shipping and Client´s Trial.

After the last step, clients could take their time to try the equipment through several days and confirm that everything is right or ask to apply the Perfect Fit Guarantee.

How can I know if measurements are taken properly?

Once we receive your measurement form, our tailors will check your measurements one by one and if they discover any mistake they will contact you to review them.

In case our tailor team don´t realize any mistake and the equipment are manufactured, you can ask for adjustments applying the Perfect Fit Guarantee without troubles.

Does AG10Moto offer products by sizes?

Every AG10Moto product are tailor-made manufactured and they are exclusively made for each client, thus we don´t offer product by sizes.

Can I design completely customized equipment?

In AG10Moto you set the limit! We are completely tailor-made equipment design specialists, so each client can choose how to customize their equipment. We will make it real.

Can I design products for different people in a single order?

Yes, among our clients we have many teams and their orders are multiple within the same order, so it wouldn´t be a problem.

When are measurements requested?

Once the equipment design is confirmed, our commercials will be in charge of your measurements and they will constantly assist you so as you can properly take your measurements.

I want to add special options to my equipment, how shall I do?

CONTACT our Custom Service Department and explain what you have in mind.

I want to go to your facilities for you to take my measurements, how shall I do?

AG10Moto is a Leader E-COMMERCE in tailor-made equipment manufacturing. Our workshops and central offices in Europe are located in Spain but by the time being we don´t offer personal service and all the purchase process is done through .

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