General Information

Below you can see a selection of frequently asked questions about AG10Moto.

If you don’t find the answers to your questions, CONTACT our Customer Service Department and we will solve any doubt that you may have.

Provided that your order has not been sent yet, you can add a garment to your order without additional shipping costs.

The initial configuration of AG10Moto suits is 1 PIECE, with HUMP, ELBOW / KNEE SLIDERS, MICROPERFORATED and with the full set of interior / exterior ARMOR.

If you want a suit with another type of configuration (for example a 2-piece suit, not perforated and without sliders) you must inform us during the design process to be able to update your order.

Yes, you can buy gift cards. One AG10Moto gift card is the easiest and most efficient way to give tailor-made rider´s equipment to your friends and family. Just follow these steps: Fill the addressee information Choose the gift card value Add a personal message For further information, visit our gift card section.

Once you receive our email with your “gift code”, please, contact our Customer Service Department to activate it.

Changes to your order can be done during 24 hours after its payment, please, contact us. After 24 hours, the orders will have already being manufacturing; the fabrics will have been cut, so no changes can be done.